Book review
Sirkku Aaltonen. Acculturation of the Other: Irish Milieux in Finnish Drama Translation
Joensuu: University of Joensuu Publications in the Humanities, 1996. x + 257 pp. ISBN 951-708-378-5

Reviewed by Marja Jänis
Table of contents

Sirkku Aaltonen's doctoral thesis offers a well-defined case study of how the allembracing and hence not very precise concept of acculturation can be applied to translation studies and to the analysis of intercultural relations. Her special object of interest is Finnish translations of Irish plays and, more precisely, how the "Irishness" is conveyed in these translations. The elements of the Irish life in these plays, material and non-material alike, create what Aaltonen calls "Irish milieux". Her method of studying ways of introducing the Other into a culture via translation could be useful in further investigations of translation as a part of both crosscultural communication and reception studies.

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