Interdisciplinarity in Translation Studies

José Lambert
Table of contents

Since 1992 (Snell-Hornby et al. 1994) Translation Studies (from now on TS) has claimed to be treated as an ‘Interdiscipline’. There remain doubts about its academic status, which is younger than its professional status. Since Holmes 1988 [1972], the development of TS has often been treated as a success story, although it is not at all clear whether academic achievements (particular arguments or components related to prestige, e.g. books, societies, scholarly renown, congresses) have been more decisive than the translation market in the progressive recognition of TS. Indeed the use of a common name (in the new lingua franca), as well as the recognition of a PhD curriculum in some 50 centers worldwide, has obvious links with the waves of Internationalization since World War II and the Globalization dynamics at the end of the 20th Century.

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