Literary studies and translation studies

Dirk Delabastita
Table of contents

Is hip-hop music a form of oral “literature”? Are the belles infidèles in neoclassical France to be regarded as “translations” or should we perhaps treat them as a form of “adaptation”? Do, say, the Portuguese or the Dutch subtitles of Polanski’s 2005 film adaptation of Oliver Twist amount to something that could qualify as “literary translation”? To be sure, the two concepts conjoined by the title of this entry, “literature” and “translation”, are notoriously difficult to define. Somewhat like Pirandello’s Six Characters in Search of an Author, the disciplines of Literary Studies and Translation Studies have both in their own ways, and occasionally along the same paths, spent much energy trying to find and delineate the subjects that are supposed to be their raison d’être.

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