Teaching translation / Training translators

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From the first few teaching courses in translation at the university level (the 1930s in Mannheim, Heidelberg and Ottawa) to the many translator- training programmes in existence today, attitudes and pedagogical points of view have been multiplied (Pym 2009). Conferences, workshops, round tables and special issues of Journals dedicated to pedagogy now occur frequently. Two journals are specialized in the area: The Interpreter and Translator Trainer (since 2007), Revista Electrónica de Didáctica de la Traducción y la Interpretación (REDIT, since 2009). The number of publications has increased enormously. However, this does not imply that translation pedagogy is now based on clear and strong pedagogical and translation principles. There is actually no consensus on a basic methodology of translation training, even though we can notice a shift in many places from a teacher-oriented approach to a learner-centered approach, or rather a mixture of approaches.

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