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Editors: Yves Gambier & Luc van Doorslaer

The Handbook of Translation Studies (HTS) aims at disseminating knowledge about translation and interpreting and providing easy access to a large range of topics, traditions, and methods to a relatively broad audience: not only students who often adamantly prefer such user-friendliness, researchers and lecturers in Translation Studies, Translation & Interpreting professionals; but also scholars and experts from other disciplines (among which linguistics, sociology, history, psychology). In addition the HTS addresses any of those with a professional or personal interest in the problems of translation, interpreting, localization, editing, etc., such as communication specialists, journalists, literary critics, editors, public servants, business managers, (intercultural) organization specialists, media specialists, marketing professionals.

The Handbook of Translation Studies Online, available as of September 2010, will be expanded and revised annually. It also offers reference interlinking through CrossRef DOIs. You can use the links in the navigation bar at the top to access general information on the aim & scope of the handbook, on subscription and pricing, and on how to contact the publisher or the editors. 

Translations of articles into multiple languages are linked to the original article, bringing into practice the Handbook's core topic and honoring multilingualism. The base of translated articles is constantly growing.

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 A print edition is available as well.

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