Herre van Oostendorp

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Text features which enable cognitive strategies during text comprehension

Edited by Herre van Oostendorp

Special issue of Information Design Journal 14:1 (2006) 100 pp.
Subjects Cognitive psychology | Communication Studies | Discourse studies | Pragmatics


Oostendorp, Herre van, Sonal Aggarwal and Saraschandra Karanam. 2017. Chapter 7. Development of a cognitive model of web-navigation. Reading Comprehension in Educational Settings, León, José A. and Inmaculada Escudero (eds.), pp. 169–192
Easiness of navigation within a website is an important factor for information seeking performance. Several cognitive models exist that simulate the web-navigation process and these models in turn can be useful in supporting information seeking behavior. In this chapter we first discuss previous… read more | Chapter
This paper proposes a research-based tool to assist visually impaired persons (VIPs) in using the Internet via screen readers. The proposed tool is inspired by research on modeling web use and model-based highlighting. This tool assists VIPs in selecting goal-relevant information on web pages. A… read more | Article
Oostendorp, Herre van, José Otero and Juan Miguel Campanario. 2002. 3. Conditions of updating during reading. Thematics: Interdisciplinary Studies, Louwerse, Max M. and Willie van Peer (eds.), pp. 55–76