Information for Authors of Journal Articles


Any submission to a journal must be sent directly to the journal in question. Please consult the webpage of the relevant journal for submission instructions, guidelines, and contact information of the journal's editors.

Online submission

For a growing number of our journals we offer the possibility of submitting articles via "Editorial Manager", an online submission and review system where authors can submit manuscripts and track their progress. If the journal that you would like to submit to uses EM, instructions about this can be found on the Submission page for the journal in question.


John Benjamins journals are committed to maintaining the highest standards of publication ethics and to supporting ethical research practices. Please read this Ethics Statement.


John Benjamins Publishing Company has an agreement in place with Portico for the archiving of all its online journals and e-books.

Rights and Permissions

Authors must ensure that they have permission to use any third-party material in their contribution; the permission should include perpetual (not time-limited) world-wide distribution in print and electronic format.

For more information please consult the rights information page.

Open Access

For information about permission to post a version of your article online or in an institutional repository ('green' open access), please consult the rights information page.

Most of our journals offer the possibility for accepted papers to be made available under the 'gold' open access model immediately upon publication, after payment of a fee (Article Publication Charge, APC) by or on behalf of the author. We also have a number of Read & Publish agreements in place with universities, which cover OA publication by corresponding authors affiliated to those institutions. For more details, see the open access policy.

Korean Linguistics (vol. 18 - ) is Open Access through sponsorship.

Language and Linguistics is fully Open Access, sponsored by the Institute of Linguistics at Academia Sinica.

Linguistics in the Netherlands is Open Access with a 3-year moving wall, sponsored by the Dutch Linguistics Association (Algemene Vereniging voor Taalwetenschap).

Pragmatics is Open Access with a 12-month moving wall, sponsored by the International Pragmatics Association (IPrA).