John Benjamins welcomes suggestions for journals. In order to be able to assess your proposal for a new journal, we ask you to provide us with an outline of the proposed journal focusing on the following aspects:

  1. Description of the aim of the journal and the scope of targeted disciplines. Does it address a commonly known group or field?
  2. Readership and market: please put forward valid and convincing arguments for the need for this forum, both regarding expected contributions and readership. Would it be interdisciplinary?
  3. Suggestions for editors, associate editors and editorial board, with a wide geographical and disciplinary coverage (e.g. USA, Japan);
  4. Publication frequency and number of words per article, number of articles per issue, and number of pages per issue;
  5. Continuity: is a regular flow of articles guaranteed and how? Will there be enough material right from the start?
  6. Subscriptions: Is there already a (possible) subscription list, e.g. as part of the membership of an association?
  7. Competing journals and how does the proposed journal relate to those? Is this journal complementary? How does the journal stand out? Is it gap-filling?
  8. Related associations and networks;
  9. Suggestions for special issues.

Please send an email to proposals at to discuss your journal proposal.