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LA 242
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Adjective Adverb Interfaces in Romance

Edited by Martin Hummel and Salvador Valera

Within the current discussion on grammatical interfaces, the word-classes of adjective and adverb are of particular interest because they appear to be separated or joined in manifold ways at the level of word-class or syntax, with morphology playing a prominent role, especially in Romance. The volume provides... full description
December 2017. vi, 374 pp.
CLL 51
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Afro-Peruvian Spanish

Spanish slavery and the legacy of Spanish Creoles

Sandro Sessarego

The present work not only contributes to shedding light on the linguistic and socio-historical origins of Afro-Peruvian Spanish, it also helps clarify the controversial puzzle concerning the genesis of Spanish creoles in the Americas in a broader sense. In order to provide a more concrete answer to the questions... full description
October 2015. xvi, 184 pp.
Z 137
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Anthropology of Color

Interdisciplinary multilevel modeling

Edited by Robert E. MacLaury, Galina V. Paramei and Don Dedrick

The field of color categorization has always been intrinsically multi- and inter-disciplinary, since its beginnings in the nineteenth century. The main contribution of this book is to foster a new level of integration among different approaches to the anthropological study of color. The editors have put great effort... full description
November 2007. xx, 485 pp.
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Approaches to Hungarian

Volume 16: Papers from the 2017 Budapest Conference

Edited by Veronika Hegedűs and Irene Vogel

This volume contains selected papers from the 13th International Conference on the Structure of Hungarian (Budapest, 2017).The contributions address current issues in Hungarian linguistics, including comparisons with other languages (e.g., English, German, Turkish, Arabic, Spanish).Specifically, the phonetics and... full description
April 2020. v, 233 pp.
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Arabic in Contact

Edited by Stefano Manfredi and Mauro Tosco

The present volume provides an overview of current trends in the study of language contact involving Arabic. By drawing on the social factors that have converged to create different contact situations, it explores both contact-induced change in Arabic and language change through contact with Arabic. The volume brings... full description
July 2018. vi, 372 pp.
Z 223
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Atypical Language Development in Romance Languages

Edited by Eva Aguilar-Mediavilla, Lucía Buil-Legaz, Raúl López-Penadés, Victor A. Sanchez-Azanza and Daniel Adrover-Roig

This book presents a range of ongoing studies on atypical language development in Romance languages. Despite the steady increase in the number of studies on typical language development, there is still little research about atypical language development, especially in Romance languages. This book covers four main... full description
June 2019. vi, 257 pp.
BTL 62
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Challenging the Traditional Axioms

Translation into a non-mother tongue

Nike K. Pokorn

Translation into a non-mother tongue or inverse translation, especially of literary texts, has always been frowned upon within Translation Studies in Western cultures and regarded by literary scholars and linguists as an activity of dubious worth, doomed to fail. The study, which received an award from EST in 2001,... full description
April 2005. xii, 163 pp.
Z 154
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Chomskyan (R)evolutions

Edited by Douglas A. Kibbee

It is not unusual for contemporary linguists to claim that “Modern Linguistics began in 1957” (with the publication of Noam Chomsky’s Syntactic Structures). Some of the essays in Chomskyan (R)evolutions examine the sources, the nature and the extent of the theoretical changes Chomsky introduced in the 1950s. Other... full description
February 2010. xii, 488 pp.
Z 200
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Cognition, Language and Aging

Edited by Heather Harris Wright

Age-related changes in cognitive and language functions have been extensively researched over the past half-century. The older adult represents a unique population for studying cognition and language because of the many challenges that are presented with investigating this population, including individual differences... full description
March 2016. viii, 248 pp.
SiGL 3
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A Comparative Grammar of the Early Germanic Languages

R.D. Fulk

Fulk’s Comparative Grammar offers an overview of and bibliographical guide to the study of the phonology and the inflectional morphology of the earliest Germanic languages, with particular attention to Gothic, Old Norse / Icelandic, Old English, Old Frisian, Old Saxon, and Old High German, along with some attention to... full description
October 2018. xv, 420 pp.
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Connecting Grammaticalisation

Jens Nørgård-Sørensen, Lars Heltoft and Lene Schøsler

This monograph presents a view on grammaticalisation radically different from standard views centering around the cline of grammaticality. Grammar is seen as a complex sign system, and, as a consequence, grammatical change always comprises semantic change. What unites morphology, topology (word order), constructional... full description
December 2011. xiii, 347 pp.
CAL 22
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Constructicon development across languages

Edited by Benjamin Lyngfelt, Lars Borin, Kyoko Ohara and Tiago Timponi Torrent

In constructionist theory, a constructicon is an inventory of constructions making up the full set of linguistic units in a language. In applied practice, it is a set of construction descriptions – a “dictionary of constructions”. The development of constructicons in the latter sense typically means combining... full description
July 2018. viii, 313 pp.
Z 211
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Creole Studies – Phylogenetic Approaches

Edited by Peter Bakker, Finn Borchsenius, Carsten Levisen and Eeva M. Sippola

This book launches a new approach to creole studies founded on phylogenetic network analysis. Phylogenetic approaches offer new visualisation techniques and insights into the relationships between creoles and non-creoles, creoles and other contact varieties, and between creoles and lexifier languages. With evidence... full description
May 2017. x, 414 pp.
CLU 10
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Culinary Linguistics

The chef's special

Edited by Cornelia Gerhardt, Maximiliane Frobenius and Susanne Ley

Language and food are universal to humankind. Language accomplishes more than a pure exchange of information, and food caters for more than mere subsistence. Both represent crucial sites for socialization, identity construction, and the everyday fabrication and perception of the world as a meaningful, orderly place.... full description
July 2013. xvi, 347 pp.
P&bns 213
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Internet-mediated communication in context

Francisco Yus

Cyberpragmatics is an analysis of Internet-mediated communication from the perspective of cognitive pragmatics. It addresses a whole range of interactions that can be found on the Net: the web page, chat rooms, instant messaging, social networking sites, 3D virtual worlds, blogs, videoconference, e-mail, Twitter, etc.... full description
August 2011. xiv, 353 pp.
NSS 30
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The Dawn of Dutch

Language contact in the Western Low Countries before 1200

Michiel de Vaan

The Low Countries are famous for their radically changing landscape over the last 1,000 years. Like the landscape, the linguistic situation has also undergone major changes. In Holland, an early form of Frisian was spoken until, very roughly, 1100, and in parts of North Holland it disappeared even later. The hunt for... full description
December 2017. xviii, 613 pp.
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Developing, Modelling and Assessing Second Languages

Edited by Jörg-U. Keßler, Anke Lenzing and Mathias Liebner

This edited volume brings together the work of a number of researchers working in the framework of Processability Theory (PT), a psycholinguistic theory of second language acquisition (SLA) (Pienemann 1998; 2005). The aim of the volume is two-fold: It engages with current issues in both theory development and theory... full description
June 2016. xviii, 244 pp.
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Discourse, Politics and Media in Contemporary China

Edited by Qing Cao, Hailong Tian and Paul Chilton

After three and a half decades of economic reforms, radical changes have occurred in all aspects of life in China. In an authoritarian society, these changes are mediated significantly through the power of language, carefully controlled by the political elites. Discourse, as a way of speaking and doing things, has... full description
April 2014. vi, 213 pp.
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The Discursive Construction of Identities On- and Offline

Personal - group - collective

Edited by Birte Bös, Sonja Kleinke, Sandra Mollin and Nuria Hernández

This volume explores linguistic identity construction across online and offline contexts. The contributors focus on ‘clusivity’ as an overarching aspect and offer a multifaceted operationalisation of the linguistic processes of identity construction. The studies address three major strands of human identity, each of... full description
July 2018. vii, 271 pp.
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East and West of The Pentacrest

Linguistic studies in honor of Paula Kempchinsky

Edited by Timothy Gupton and Elizabeth Gielau

This book is a collection of contemporary essays and squibs exploring the mental representation of Spanish and other languages in the Romance family. Although largely formal in orientation, they incorporate experimental and corpus data to inform questions of synchronic and diachronic importance. As a whole, these... full description
May 2021. viii, 217 pp.
Z 185
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Elements of Structural Syntax

Lucien Tesnière

This volume appears now finally in English, sixty years after the death of its author, Lucien Tesnière. It has been translated from the French original into German, Spanish, Italian, and Russian, and now at long last into English as well. The volume contains a comprehensive approach to the syntax of natural languages,... full description
February 2015. lxxxii, 698 pp.
Impact 42
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Endangered Languages and Languages in Danger

Issues of documentation, policy, and language rights

Edited by Luna Filipović and Martin Pütz

This peer-reviewed collection brings together the latest research on language endangerment and language rights. It creates a vibrant, interdisciplinary platform for the discussion of the most pertinent and urgent topics central to vitality and equality of languages in today’s globalised world. The novelty of the... full description
October 2016. ix, 413 pp.
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English Language Learning and Technology

Lectures on applied linguistics in the age of information and communication technology

Carol A. Chapelle

This book explores implications for applied linguistics of recent developments in technologies used in second language teaching and assessment, language analysis, and language use. Focusing primarily on English language learning, the book identifies significant areas of interplay between technology and applied... full description
December 2003. xvi, 213 pp.
WLP 10
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Esperanto – Lingua Franca and Language Community

Sabine Fiedler and Cyril Robert Brosch

This book addresses a fascinating topic – a constructed language that has turned from a project into a fully-fledged language used by some of its speakers on a daily basis. Based on extensive fieldwork, this book provides rare and profound insights into the use of Esperanto in a large number of communicative areas. It... full description
September 2022. xx, 429 pp.
NSS 33
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From West to North Frisia

A Journey along the North Sea Coast

Edited by Alastair Walker, Eric Hoekstra, Goffe Jensma, Wendy Vanselow, Willem Visser and Christoph Winter

This volume contains 25 articles covering a wide array of subjects, reflecting the breadth of scholarship of one of today’s leading experts in the field of Frisian Studies. The articles, written mostly in English and German, encompass a temporal range from Old Frisian to Modern Frisian and a geographical range from... full description
March 2022. xxv, 476 pp.
Cover not available

A Gender-based Approach to Parliamentary Discourse

The Andalusian Parliament

Edited by Catalina Fuentes Rodríguez and Gloria Álvarez-Benito

Does gender condition politicians’ discourse strategies in parliament? This is the question we try to answer in A Gender-based Approach to Parliamentary Discourse: The Andalusian Parliament. This book, written by experts in the field of discourse analysis, covers key aspects of political discourse such as gender,... full description
December 2016. vii, 222 pp.
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Germanic Heritage Languages in North America

Acquisition, attrition and change

Edited by Janne Bondi Johannessen † and Joseph C. Salmons

This book presents new empirical findings about Germanic heritage varieties spoken in North America: Dutch, German, Pennsylvania Dutch, Icelandic, Norwegian, Swedish, West Frisian and Yiddish, and varieties of English spoken both by heritage speakers and in communities after language shift. The volume focuses on three... full description
August 2015. vi, 418 pp.
Impact 48
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Grammatical and Sociolinguistic Aspects of Ethiopian Languages

Edited by Derib Ado, Almaz Wasse Gelagay and Janne Bondi Johannessen †

The focus of this unique publication is on Ethiopian languages and linguistics. Not only major languages such as Amharic and Oromo receive attention, but also lesser studied ones like Sezo and Nuer are dealt with. The Gurage languages, that often present a descriptive and sociolinguistic puzzle to researchers, have... full description
April 2021. viii, 415 pp.
CLU 21
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Growing up on the Trobriand Islands in Papua New Guinea

Childhood and educational ideologies in Tauwema

Barbara Senft and Gunter Senft

This volume deals with the children’s socialization on the Trobriands. After a survey of ethnographic studies on childhood, the book zooms in on indigenous ideas of conception and birth-giving, the children’s early development, their integration into playgroups, their games and their education within their `own little... full description
May 2018. xxv, 248 pp.
BTL 116
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The Habsburg Monarchy's Many-Languaged Soul

Translating and interpreting, 1848–1918

Michaela Wolf

In the years between 1848 and 1918, the Habsburg Empire was an intensely pluricultural space that brought together numerous “nationalities” under constantly changing – and contested – linguistic regimes. The multifaceted forms of translation and interpreting, marked by national struggles and extensive multilingualism,... full description
May 2015. xvii, 289 pp.
Cover not available

How Metaphors Guide, Teach and Popularize Science

Edited by Anke Beger and Thomas H. Smith

Metaphors are essential to scientists themselves and strongly influence science communication. Through careful analyses of metaphors actually used in science texts, recordings, and videos, this book explores the essential functions of conceptual metaphor in the conduct of science, teaching of science, and how... full description
April 2020. vi, 332 pp.
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Imagining the Peoples of Europe

Populist discourses across the political spectrum

Edited by Jan Zienkowski and Ruth Breeze

The political landscape in Europe is currently going through a phase of rapid change. New actors and movements that claim to represent 'the will of the people' are attracting considerable public attention, with dramatic consequences for election outcomes. This volume explores the new political order with a particular... full description
August 2019. vi, 378 pp.
CLU 20
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Variants of a myth of love and hate from the Trobriand Islands of Papua New Guinea

Gunter Senft

This volume presents five variants of the Imdeduya myth: two versions of the actual myth, a short story, a song and John Kasaipwalova’s English poem “Sail the Midnight Sun”. This poem draws heavily on the Trobriand myth which introduces the protagonists Imdeduya and Yolina and reports on Yolina’s intention to marry... full description
July 2017. xvi, 244 pp.
P&bns 229
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(In)Appropriate Online Behavior

A pragmatic analysis of message board relations

Jenny Arendholz

This descriptive and comprehensive study on the discursive struggle over interpersonal relations in online message boards is located at the fascinating interface of pragmatics and computer-mediated discourse – a research area which has so far not attracted much scientific interest. It sets out to shed light on the... full description
January 2013. xiii, 285 pp.
GS 4
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Integrating Gestures

The interdisciplinary nature of gesture

Edited by Gale Stam and Mika Ishino

Gestures are ubiquitous and natural in our everyday life. They convey information about culture, discourse, thought, intentionality, emotion, intersubjectivity, cognition, and first and second language acquisition. Additionally, they are used by non-human primates to communicate with their peers and with humans.... full description
June 2011. viii, 372 pp.
Z 215
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Language Dispersal Beyond Farming

Edited by Martine Robbeets and Alexander Savelyev

Why do some languages wither and die, while others prosper and spread? Around the turn of the millennium a number of archaeologists such as Colin Renfrew and Peter Bellwood made the controversial claim that many of the world’s major language families owe their dispersal to the adoption of agriculture by their early... full description
December 2017. xiii, 324 pp.
Cover not available

Language Planning as Nation Building

Ideology, policy and implementation in the Netherlands, 1750–1850

Gijsbert Rutten

The decades around 1800 constitute the seminal period of European nationalism. The linguistic corollary of this was the rise of standard language ideology, from Finland to Spain, and from Iceland to the Habsburg Empire. Amidst these international events, the case of Dutch in the Netherlands offers a unique example.... full description
February 2019. x, 312 pp.
Cover not available

Language Variation – European Perspectives VIII

Selected papers from the Tenth International Conference on Language Variation in Europe (ICLaVE 10), Leeuwarden, June 2019

Edited by Hans Van de Velde, Nanna Haug Hilton and Remco Knooihuizen

This volume contains a selection of papers from the 10th International Conference on Language Variation in Europe (ICLaVE 10), which was organized by the Fryske Akademy and held in Leeuwarden/Ljouwert (the Netherlands) in June 2019. The editors have selected thirteen papers on a wide range of language varieties,... full description
June 2021. vi, 316 pp.
CLL 52
Cover not available

Language and Slavery

A social and linguistic history of the Suriname creoles

Jacques Arends

This posthumous work by Jacques Arends offers new insights into the emergence of the creole languages of Suriname including Sranantongo or Suriname Plantation Creole, Ndyuka, and Saramaccan, and the sociohistorical context in which they developed. Drawing on a wealth of sources including little known historical texts,... full description
July 2017. xxix, 463 pp.
Cover not available

Language-Learner Computer Interactions

Theory, methodology and CALL applications

Edited by Catherine Caws and Marie-Josée Hamel

This book focuses on learner-computer interactions (LCI) in second language learning environments drawing largely on sociocultural theories of language development. It brings together a rich and varied range of theoretical discussions and applications in order to illustrate the way in which LCI can enrich our... full description
June 2016. xv, 257 pp.
Cover not available

Letters as Loot

A sociolinguistic approach to seventeenth- and eighteenth-century Dutch

Gijsbert Rutten and Marijke J. van der Wal

The study of letter writing is at the heart of the historical-sociolinguistic enterprise. Private letters, in particular, offer an unprecedented view on language history. This book presents an in-depth study of the language of letters focussing on a unique collection of Dutch private letters from the seventeenth and... full description
November 2014. xiii, 426 pp.
Cover not available

The Linguistics of Newswriting

Daniel Perrin

The Linguistics of Newswriting focuses on text production in journalistic media as both a socially relevant field of language use and as a strategic field of applied linguistics. The book discusses and paves the way for scientific projects in the emerg­ing field of linguistics of newswriting. From empirical micro and... full description
September 2013. xiii, 302 pp.
BTL 155
Cover not available

Literary Translation in Periodicals

Methodological challenges for a transnational approach

Edited by Laura Fólica, Diana Roig-Sanz and Stefania Caristia

While translation history, literary translation, and periodical publications have been extensively analyzed within the fields of Translation Studies, Comparative Literature, and Communication Sciences, the relationship between these three topics remains underexplored. Literary Translation in Periodicals argues that... full description
December 2020. vii, 401 pp.
CILT 307
Cover not available

Loan Phonology

Edited by Andrea Calabrese and W. Leo Wetzels

For many different reasons, speakers borrow words from other languages to fill gaps in their own lexical inventory. The past ten years have been characterized by a great interest among phonologists in the issue of how the nativization of loanwords occurs. The general feeling is that loanword nativization provides a... full description
November 2009. vii, 273 pp.
Cover not available

Migration and Media

Discourses about identities in crisis

Edited by Lorella Viola and Andreas Musolff

The socio-discursive landscape surrounding the migration debate is characterised by a growing sense of crisis in both personal and collective identities. From this viewpoint, discourses about immigration are also always attempts at reconstructing the threatened ‘home identity’ of the respective host society. It is... full description
March 2019. xi, 360 pp.
C&EB 6
Cover not available

Moving Ourselves, Moving Others

Motion and emotion in intersubjectivity, consciousness and language

Edited by Ad Foolen, Ulrike M. Lüdtke, Timothy P. Racine and Jordan Zlatev

The close relationship between motion (bodily movement) and emotion (feelings) is not an etymological coincidence. While moving ourselves, we move others; in observing others move – we are moved ourselves. The fundamentally interpersonal nature of mind and language has recently received due attention, but the key role... full description
April 2012. viii, 492 pp.
BTL 122
Cover not available

New Insights in the History of Interpreting

Edited by Kayoko Takeda and Jesús Baigorri-Jalón

Who mediated intercultural exchanges in 9th-century East Asia or in early voyages to the Americas? Did the Soviets or the Americans invent simultaneous interpreting equipment? How did the US government train its first Chinese interpreters? Why is it that Taiwanese interpreters were executed for Japanese war crimes?... full description
March 2016. xvi, 278 pp.
LA 270
Cover not available

Non-canonical Control in a Cross-linguistic Perspective

Edited by Anne Mucha, Jutta M. Hartmann and Beata Trawiński

Control, typically defined as a specific referential dependency between the null-subject of a non-finite embedded clause and a co-dependent of the matrix predicate, has been subject to extensive research in the last 50 years. While there is a broad consensus that a distinction between Obligatory Control (OC),... full description
September 2021. v, 290 pp.
Z 179

Organic Creativity and the Physics Within

Mea M.M. Lowcre

A group of international top scientists from a diversity of disciplines sat together for five days with artists, designers, and entrepreneurs to develop a trans-disciplinary theory of creativity. Organic Creativity and the Physics Within assumes that creativity is a quality of nature visible in physics as well as in... full description
March 2013. x, 59 pp.
Cover not available

Patterns of Change in 18th-century English

A sociolinguistic approach

Edited by Terttu Nevalainen, Minna Palander-Collin and Tanja Säily

Eighteenth-century English is often associated with normative grammar. But to what extent did prescriptivism impact ongoing processes of linguistic change? The authors of this volume examine a variety of linguistic changes in a corpus of personal correspondence, including the auxiliary do, verbal -s and the... full description
September 2018. xi, 311 pp.
Cover not available

Pedagogical Realities of Implementing Task-Based Language Teaching

Rosemary Erlam and Constanza Tolosa

This book documents how teachers, working in school foreign language learning contexts and teaching beginner learners of languages other than English, learn about and use tasks. It first presents a pedagogically researched account of how teachers learn about, design and evaluate tasks, after being introduced to TBLT... full description
February 2022. ix, 282 pp.
Cover not available

Persuasion in Public Discourse

Cognitive and functional perspectives

Edited by Jana Pelclová and Wei-lun Lu

This book approaches persuasion in public discourse as a rhetorical phenomenon that enables the persuader to appeal to the addressee’s intellectual and emotional capacities in a competing public environment. The aim is to investigate persuasive strategies from the overlapping perspectives of cognitive and functional... full description
August 2018. vi, 334 pp.
Cover not available

The Portuguese Language Continuum in Africa and Brazil

Edited by Laura Álvarez López, Perpétua Gonçalves and Juanito Ornelas de Avelar

The Portuguese Language Continuum in Africa and Brazil is the first publication in English to offer studies on a whole set of varieties of Portuguese in Africa as well as Brazilian Portuguese. Authored by specialists on varieties of Portuguese in Africa and Brazil, the eleven chapters and the epilogue promote a... full description
November 2018. xii, 318 pp.
BTL 103
Cover not available

Post-Socialist Translation Practices

Ideological struggle in children's literature

Nike K. Pokorn

The book Post-Socialist Translation Practices explores how Communism and Socialism, through their hegemonic pressure, found expression in translation practice from the moment of Socialist revolution to the present day. Based on extensive archival research in the archives of the Communist Party and on the interviews... full description
October 2012. viii, 188 pp.
BSP 60
Cover not available

Scientia Media

Der Molinismus und das Faktenwissen

Sven K. Knebel

Molinismus ist heute ein Kapitel Philosophie. Das Thema dieses Buchs ist jedoch nicht die Renaissance der Scientia Media-Hypothese in der modernen angloamerikanischen Religionsphilosophie, sondern ihre scholastische Ausgestaltung in dem auf Molina folgenden Jahrhundert: Ohne den Kalkül mit den möglichen Welten z.B.... full description
April 2021. xx, 440 pp.
BCT 103
Cover not available

Skyping the Family

Interpersonal video communication and domestic life

Edited by Richard Harper, Rod Watson and Christian Licoppe

This collection is one of the first in-depth studies of video calling in family and domestic life. It explores the reasons that people themselves provide to explain their video calling, investigates how these reasons make that calling accountable and how, in turn, these reasons come to be things talked about in the... full description
August 2019. v, 177 pp.
LA 221
Cover not available

Studies in Övdalian Morphology and Syntax

New research on a lesser-known Scandinavian language

Edited by Kristine Bentzen, Henrik Rosenkvist and Janne Bondi Johannessen †

Övdalian is spoken in central Sweden by about 2000 speakers. Traditionally categorized as a dialect of Swedish, it has not received much international attention. However, Övdalian is typologically closer to Faroese or Icelandic than it is to Swedish, and since it has been spoken in relative isolation for about 1000... full description
January 2015. v, 232 pp.
Z 159
Cover not available

Stylistic Use of Phraseological Units in Discourse

Anita Naciscione

Stylistic Use of Phraseaological Units in Discourse received honourable mention of the ESSE Book Award 2012 in the field of English Language and Linguistics.This interdisciplinary study presents the cutting-edge state of theoretical and applied research in the fascinating field of phraseology. The author elaborates... full description
September 2010. xiii, 292 pp.
NLP 14
Cover not available

The Swedish FrameNet++

Harmonization, integration, method development and practical language technology applications

Edited by Dana Dannélls, Lars Borin and Karin Friberg Heppin

Large computational lexicons are central NLP resources. Swedish FrameNet++ aims to be a versatile full-scale lexical resource for NLP containing many kinds of linguistic information. Although focused on Swedish, this ongoing effort, which includes building a new Swedish framenet and recycling existing lexicons, has... full description
November 2021. xiv, 333 pp.
CLU 16
Cover not available

Tales from the Trobriand Islands of Papua New Guinea

Psycholinguistic and anthropological linguistic analyses of tales told by Trobriand children and adults

Gunter Senft

This volume presents 22 tales from the Trobriand Islands told by children (boys between the age of 5 and 9 years) and adults. The monograph is motivated not only by the anthropological linguistic aim to present a broad and quite unique collection of tales with the thematic approach to illustrate which topics and... full description
August 2015. xviii, 299 pp.
Cover not available

The Tuma Underworld of Love

Erotic and other narrative songs of the Trobriand Islanders and their spirits of the dead

Gunter Senft

The Trobriand Islanders' eschatological belief system explains what happens when someone dies. Bronislaw Malinowski described essentials of this eschatology in his articles "Baloma: the Spirits of the Dead in the Trobriand Islands" and "Myth in Primitive Psychology". There he also presented the Trobrianders' belief... full description
September 2011. xvii, 138 pp.
BPA 13
Cover not available

Understanding L2 Proficiency

Theoretical and meta-analytic investigations

Edited by Eun Hee Jeon and Yo In'nami

This edited volume is a collection of theoretical and empirical overviews of second language (L2) proficiency based on four skills: reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Each skill is reviewed in terms of how it has been conceptualized, measured, and studied over the years in relation to relevant (sub-)... full description
August 2022. xi, 388 pp.
Cover not available

Urban Matters

Current approaches in variationist sociolinguistics

Edited by Arne Ziegler, Stefanie Edler and Georg Oberdorfer

The city as a complex socio-cultural structure plays a central role, economically, administratively as well as culturally. Factors such as higher population density, a more expansive infrastructure, and larger social and cultural diversity compared to rural areas have a substantial impact on urban society and urban... full description
December 2021. x, 280 pp.
Z 194
Cover not available

Writing(s) at the Crossroads

The process–product interface

Edited by Georgeta Cislaru

This volume aims at contributing to an interpretive approach to writing and its dynamics. It offers a general scope on the process-product interface by multiplying the points of view on both the process and the product and their links. The book presents new findings and perspectives in the study of language and... full description
August 2015. vi, 304 pp.
SiHoLS 116
Cover not available

“And he knew our language”

Missionary Linguistics on the Pacific Northwest Coast

Marcus Tomalin

This ambitious and ground-breaking book examines the linguistic studies produced by missionaries based on the Pacific Northwest Coast of North America (and particularly Haida Gwaii) during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Making extensive use of unpublished archival materials, the author demonstrates... full description
April 2011. xi, 203 pp.
Cover not available

“Self” in Language, Culture, and Cognition

Yanying Lu

This book explores socio-cultural meanings of ‘self’ in the Chinese language through analysing a range of conversations among Chinese immigrants to Australia qualitatively on the topics of individuality, social relationships and collective identity. If language, culture and cognition are major roads, this book is the... full description
November 2019. xv, 178 pp.