Titles published three months ago


The Dynamics of Interactional Humor: Creating and negotiating humor in everyday encounters

Edited by Villy Tsakona and Jan Chovanec
January 2018. vi, 316 pp.
Deals with the construction of diverse forms of humor in everyday oral, written, and mediatized interactions. It sheds light on the differences and, most importantly, the similarities in the production of interactional humor in face-to-face and various technology-mediated forms of communication, including scripted and non-scripted situations.
P&bns 284

Threatening in English: A mixed method approach

Julia Muschalik
January 2018. xiv, 246 pp.
Threatening is among the less pleasant “things we do with words”, but, together with other conflictive speech acts, it seems to play a central role in communication. Yet little is still known about how and when exactly speakers threaten. The present book addresses this void by giving an in-depth analysis of the form and function of this speech act.
BTL 130

Translating the Female Self across Cultures: Mothers and daughters in autobiographical narratives

Eliana Maestri
January 2018. xiv, 302 pp.
This volume examines contemporary autobiographical narratives and their Italian and French translations. The comparative analyses of the texts are underpinned by the latest developments in Translation Studies that place emphasis on identity construction in translation and the role of translation in moulding various types of identity.