John Benjamins Copyright Policy

(Last updated: 24 February 2020)

It is the policy of John Benjamins Publishing Company to acquire the copyright to all contributions in its books and journals. Ownership of copyright by one central organization ensures maximum protection against infringement; it also ensures that requests by third parties to reprint a contribution, or part of it, are handled efficiently and in accordance with a general policy which is sensitive both to international copyright legislation and to encouraging the dissemination of knowledge.

The author of an article in a journal or edited book volume retains the following rights:

For any other use, please contact the Rights & Permissions department of John Benjamins Publishing Company.

Open Access articles

If your journal article was published in Open Access through payment of a fee or in a journal that offers Open Access by default, you and anyone else may re-use the article within the limits of the specific license under which the article was made Open Access. In most cases, this will be either the Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY) or the Creative Commons Attribution Non-commercial (CC BY-NC) license.

For more information on Open Access options, visit our Open Access information page.