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Authoritarianism on the Front Page

Multimodal discourse and argumentation in times of multiple crises in Greece

Dimitris Serafis

This volume offers a critical discursive-argumentative framework that scrutinizes the discursive construction and, moreover, the argumentative justification of authoritarian attitudes on newspaper front pages in highly polarized times of multiple ‘crises’ in Greece. At the same time, it aspires to outline novel... full description
March 2023. xiv, 181 pp.
SLCS 227
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Discourse Phenomena in Typological Perspective

Edited by Alessandra Barotto and Simone Mattiola

This book aims at investigating discourse phenomena (i.e., linguistic elements and constructions that help to manage the organization, flow, and outcome of communication) from a typological and cross-linguistic perspective. Although it is a well-established idea in functional-typological approaches that grammar is... full description
March 2023. vi, 439 pp.
LIS 36
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General Phraseology

Theory and Practice

Igor Mel’čuk

This book presents a 100% novel approach to phraseology: A language-universal deductive calculus of all theoretically possible phraseological expressions (= phrasemes) is proposed, implemented in 51 rigorously defined notions. Nine major classes of phrasemes are established and illustrated: lexemic idioms (shoot the... full description
March 2023. xiv, 281 pp.
SCL 106
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Language and Characterisation in Television Series

A corpus-informed approach to the construction of social identity in the media

Monika Bednarek

This book explores how language is used to create characters in fictional television series. To do so, it draws on multiple case studies from the United States and Australia. Brought together in this book for the first time, these case studies constitute more than the sum of their parts. They highlight different... full description
March 2023. xii, 265 pp.
SLCS 231
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Micro- and Macro-variation of Causal Clauses

Synchronic and Diachronic Insights

Edited by Łukasz Jędrzejowski and Constanze Fleczoreck

This collection presents novel insights into the micro- and macro-variation of causal clauses from a cross-linguistic perspective. It contains a general introduction to the topic setting the scene and nine chapters based on data from Dutch, German, English, Icelandic, Chinese, and Japanese. Topics discussed in the... full description
March 2023. vii, 353 pp.
SLCS 226
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On Spoken French

An Ashby Reader

William J. Ashby

This scholarly edition invites us to reconsider our assumptions about the French language, by showcasing the oeuvre of one of the pioneers of diachronic Spoken French corpus linguistics, William J. Ashby, and the ground-breaking findings to come out of his influential Tours corpora (1976 & 1995), including two... full description
March 2023. xiv, 534 pp.
AIC 21
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Responding to Questions at Press Conferences

Confrontational maneuvering by Chinese spokespersons

Peng Wu

Responding to Questions at Press Conferences makes clear how the spokespersons at China’s diplomatic press conferences maneuver strategically in defining the issues in the empirical counterpart of the confrontation stage when responding to the journalists’ questions and how this confrontational maneuvering is meant to... full description
March 2023. xiv, 188 pp.