Titles published this month

BCT 95

Audiovisual Translation: Theoretical and methodological challenges

Edited by Yves Gambier and Sara Ramos Pinto
June 2018. v, 146 pp.
This volume discusses the advantages and drawbacks of ten approaches to AVT and highlights the potential avenues opened up by new methods. Originally published as a special issue of Target 28:2 (2016).
DS 30

Dialogic Ethics

Edited by Ronald C. Arnett and François Cooren
June 2018. xiv, 286 pp.
Dialogic Ethics offers an impressionistic picture of the diversity of perspectives on this topic.
LA 246

The Noun Phrase in English: Past and present

Edited by Alex Ho-Cheong Leung and Wim van der Wurff
June 2018. v, 229 pp.
Building on a substantial earlier literature, the chapters in this volume further advance knowledge and understanding of properties of the noun phrase in English.
BCT 96

The Pragmatics of Sensitive Activities in Institutional Discourse

Edited by Maj-Britt Mosegaard Hansen and Rosina Márquez Reiter
June 2018. v, 194 pp.
This volume examines the way participants orient to aspects of their interactions with others as interpersonally sensitive across an array of languages and contemporary institutional settings. Originally published as special issue of Pragmatics and Society 7:4 (2016).
BTL 141

Reception Studies and Audiovisual Translation

Edited by Elena Di Giovanni and Yves Gambier
June 2018. xii, 353 pp.
This volume provides a detailed and comprehensive overview of reception studies related to audiovisual translation and accessibility, from a diachronic and synchronic perspective.