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SCL 107
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The Academic Discourse of Mechanical Engineering

A corpus-based study into rhetorical conventions of research articles

Thi Ngoc Phuong Le, Minh Man Pham and Michael Barlow

This volume examines rhetorical conventions employed in mechanical engineering research to understand the knowledge-making principles of the discipline, as well as their expression within the research article. In particular, the study analyses the organisational patterns of mechanical engineering research articles... full description
Expected April 2023. xiii, 320 pp.
CILT 361
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Advances in Iranian Linguistics II

Edited by Simin Karimi, Narges Nematollahi, Roya Kabiri and Jian Gang Ngui

This volume offers insight into different aspects of an interesting but fairly understudied language family, opens a path to new inquiries, and provides valuable contribution to linguistics, in general, and to Iranian linguistics, in particular. The articles in this volume offer novel analyses of significant... full description
Expected April 2023. vi, 315 pp.
SCL 108
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Advances in Sign Language Corpus Linguistics

Edited by Ella Wehrmeyer

This collected volume showcases cutting-edge research in the rapidly developing area of sign language corpus linguistics in various sign language contexts across the globe. Each chapter provides a detailed account of particular national corpora and methodological considerations in their construction. Part 1 focuses on... full description
Expected April 2023. xxii, 389 pp.
CAL 34
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Constructions in Spanish

Edited by Inga Hennecke and Evelyn Wiesinger

Constructions in Spanish is the first book-length English-language volume in the field of usage-based and Cognitive Construction Grammar dedicated exclusively to Spanish. The contributions investigate a wide range of constructions from both a synchronic and a diachronic perspective, cutting across morphology, syntax,... full description
Expected September 2023. vi, 406 pp. + index
SCL 109
Cover not available

Corpora and Rhetorically Informed Text Analysis

The diverse applications of DocuScope

Edited by David West Brown and Danielle Zawodny Wetzel

Corpora and Rhetorically Informed Text Analysis explores applications of rhetorically informed approaches to corpus research. Bringing together contributions from scholars in a variety of fields, it takes up questions of how theories and traditions in rhetorical analysis can be integrated with corpus techniques in... full description
Expected September 2023. vii, 284 pp. + index
BPA 16
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Cross-language Influences in Bilingual Processing and Second Language Acquisition

Edited by Irina Elgort, Anna Siyanova-Chanturia and Marc Brysbaert

A great majority of people around the world know more than one language. So, how does knowing one language affect the learning and use of additional languages? The question of cross-language influences is the focus of this book. Do bilinguals hear, understand, and produce language and meaning differently because of... full description
Expected April 2023. vi, 319 pp. + index
SLCS 232
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Different Slants on Grammaticalization

Edited by Sylvie Hancil and Vittorio Tantucci

This volume on grammaticalization focuses on new theoretical and methodological challenges underpinning language change. It provides new approaches and insights deepening our understanding of the cognitive, pragmatic, and socio-cultural mechanisms that trigger the formation and the change of grammars. In this volume... full description
Expected August 2023. vi, 280 pp. + index
SiGL 6
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The Ditransitive Alternation in Present-Day German

A corpus-based analysis

Hilde De Vaere

The ditransitive (or “dative”) alternation is a much-studied phenomenon in contemporary linguistics. This monograph is the first to address the alternation in present-day written German from both a quantitative and qualitative perspective. As well as providing a corpus-based analysis of extensively annotated data and... full description
Expected July 2023. xvii, 336 pp. + index
HCP 76
Cover not available

Existential Constructions across Languages

Forms, meanings and functions

Edited by Laure Sarda and Ludovica Lena

This volume reflects the centrality of the existential construction in current linguistic research and offers studies that both consolidate and challenge established research agendas. It addresses (i) a variety of constructions related to ‘prototypical’ existentials (including the have-possessive construction), and... full description
Expected June 2023. x, 343 pp. + index
FTL 18
Cover not available

Fictive questions in the Zhuangzi

A cognitive rhetorical study

Mingjian Xiang

Rhetoric is intimately related to interaction and cognition. This book explores the cognitive underpinnings of rhetoric by presenting a case study of the rhetorical use of interactional structures, namely expository questions and rhetorical questions, in the classical Chinese tradition. Such questions are generally... full description
Expected July 2023. xiii, 203 pp. + index
Cover not available

Innovation in Language Learning and Teaching

Historical perspectives

Edited by Richard Smith and Tim Giesler

By adopting a historical perspective, this edited collection of papers takes a fresh look at a key concept in applied linguistics, that of innovation. A substantial introduction advocates historical re-evaluation of this notion via exploration of its rise to prominence, while the ten subsequent chapters present... full description
Expected July 2023. x, 217 pp. + index
Cover not available

Innovative Approaches to Research in Hispanic Linguistics

Regional, diachronic, and learner profile variation

Edited by Sara Fernández Cuenca, Tiffany Judy and Lauren Miller

This volume presents research from across the subdisciplines of Hispanic Linguistics in an attempt to showcase how new research methods, together with a renewed focus on language variation, have advanced our field. This volume is divided into three sections of original research, with the first describing regional... full description
Expected August 2023. x, 248 pp. + index
BTL 161
Cover not available

Instrumentalising Foreign Language Pedagogy in Translator and Interpreter Training

Methods, goals and perspectives

Edited by Olaf Immanuel Seel, Silvia Roiss and Petra Zimmermann-González

This volume offers a wide array of cutting-edge original research on the implementation of Foreign Language Pedagogy in translator and interpreter training, a still rather unexplored field of research in Translation Studies. It is divided in two distinct sections. The first section focuses on theoretical approaches to... full description
Expected April 2023. x, 285 pp. + index
BTL 160
Cover not available

Introducing New Hypertexts on Interpreting (Studies)

A tribute to Franz Pöchhacker

Edited by Cornelia Zwischenberger, Karin Reithofer and Sylvi Rennert

The contributions in this volume are a reflection of the entire range of Interpreting Studies, from explorations of research methodology and interpreting quality research to public service interpreting today and in the past, risk management strategies in court interpreting, and the interdependencies of interpreters in... full description
Expected April 2023. vi, 287 pp.
LL&LT 58
Cover not available

L2 Pragmatics in Action

Teachers, learners and the teaching-learning interaction process

Edited by Alicia Martínez-Flor, Ariadna Sánchez-Hernández and Júlia Barón

This is the first edited volume dedicated to both teachers and learners of second/foreign language (L2) pragmatics. It comprises a collection of studies that explore how teachers background and practices, and individual learners differences contribute to the teaching and learning of L2 pragmatics. Also included are... full description
Expected April 2023. xxii, 343 pp.
Cover not available

Meaningful Language Test Scores

Research to enhance score interpretation

Edited by Spiros Papageorgiou and Venessa F. Manna

Research on how stakeholders interpret language test scores and how they make decisions about language proficiency is critical because score-based decisions can be extremely consequential for test takers, score users, such as educational institutions and employers, and the society overall. This edited volume is... full description
Expected September 2023. x, 170 pp. + index
Cover not available

New Englishes, New Methods

Edited by Guyanne Wilson and Michael Westphal

There is an ever-growing body of work on New Englishes, and the time has come to take stock of how research on varieties of English is carried out. The contributions in this volume critically explore the gamut of familiar and unfamiliar methods applied in data collection and analysis in order to improve upon old... full description
Expected April 2023. viii, 276 pp.
P&bns 334
Cover not available

Revisiting Sentence Adverbials and Relevance

Irina T. Pandarova

This book offers a fresh take on several long-standing issues relating to the (non-)truth-conditional interpretation of epistemic, evidential, hearsay and attitudinal sentence adverbials. Drawing on a wealth of data from English and German, it shows for the first time that all four adverbial classes can have both... full description
Expected June 2023. vii, 250 pp. + index
Cover not available

Social Media and Society

Integrating the digital with the social in digital discourse

Edited by Majid KhosraviNik

Social Media and Society brings together a range of scholars working at the intersection of discourse studies, digital media, and society. It is meant to respond to changes in discourse technologies, i.e. the techno-discursive dynamic of social media discourses. The book critically engages with the digital dynamics of... full description
Expected April 2023. v, 210 pp.
Cover not available

Study Abroad and the Second Language Acquisition of Sociolinguistic Variation in Spanish

Edited by Sara L. Zahler, Avizia Y. Long and Bret Linford

This volume offers a comprehensive snapshot of the breadth of empirical research currently being conducted on the second language acquisition of sociolinguistic variation in Spanish during study abroad. Research on this topic spans diverse methodological approaches, types of programs, linguistic structures, and... full description
Expected July 2023. xix, 371 pp. + index
SiBil 64
Cover not available

Understanding Language and Cognition through Bilingualism

In honor of Ellen Bialystok

Edited by Gigi Luk, John A.E. Anderson and John G. Grundy

Bilingualism is a ubiquitous global phenomenon. Beyond being a language experience, bilingualism also entails a social experience, and it interacts with development and learning, with cognitive and neural consequences across the lifespan. The authors of this volume are world renowned experts across several... full description
Expected July 2023. vi, 371 pp.+ index