Access to online journals

Journal volumes are available in print+online and online-only format. Please note that reduced-rate group subscriptions may be excluded from this service.

Subscribers to volumes published in or after 2000 have access to the electronic version of the volumes for which they have a subscription. For volumes published before 2000, when the subscription was for print only, we now have electronic editions available as well; access to these back volumes is not provided on the basis of the old print subscription. Please contact us for information about discounts for complete back sets online.

Current-year subscriptions do not include access to back volumes.

Subscribers have perpetual access to those volumes for which they had a print+online or online-only subscription, also after the subscription has been discontinued.

The full text of the Benjamins journals is presented in PDF format. Volumes published in or after 2000 are in web-ready PDF; older volumes, which were digitized later, are mostly in image+text PDF (where the image is suitable for reading, and the text is an OCR layer in the background available for searching).

After subscription, you will be provided with instructions on how to access the online edition of the volume on the John Benjamins e-Platform ( Accounts have been created for current subscribers in our platform, so you will not have to register again or create a new account. We will continue to host our journals on IngentaConnect as well, so customers who prefer to continue accessing their subscription through that platform, can do so. Subscribers who used to access their subscriptions through the portal of EBSCO can also continue to do so.

Further information can be found on our online content platform: