Online journals

General information

Journals can be subscribed to on a title-by-title basis.

Journal volumes are available in print+online and online-only format.

Current-year subscriptions do not include access to back volumes. For journals that publish their articles "Online First", current-year subscribers have access to these articles until they are published in an issue, after which only subscribers to that volume will have access.

Subscribers have perpetual access to those volumes for which they had a print+online or online-only subscription, also after the subscription has been discontinued.

Subscribers to volumes published in or after 2000 have access to the electronic version of the volumes for which they have a subscription. For volumes published before 2000, when the subscription was for print only, we now have electronic editions available as well; access to these back volumes is not provided on the basis of the old print subscription. Please contact us for information about discounts for complete back sets online.

Volumes published in or after 2000 present the full-text of articles in web-ready PDF; older volumes, which were digitized later, are mostly in image+text PDF (where the image is suitable for reading, and the text is an OCR layer in the background available for searching). For newer volumes, roughly 2018 and onwards, full-text is also available in html format. In the course of 2022 we have started adding ePub for journal articles.

Further information can be found on our online content platform. Please also see the JB e-Platform Terms of Use.

JB Online Journal Collection & Archive

We offer a discount for the complete JB Online Journal Collection.

We now also offer an attractive option to get read-only access to our entire JB Online Journal Archive. This provides access on a read-only basis for the entire year, to all journal volumes published from 2000 (incl.) up to last year. This offer is only available in combination with a subscription to the full JB Online Journal Collection.

Open Access

We offer a Read & Publish deal for libraries who are interested in combining subscriptions with Open Access for their authors.


John Benjamins Publishing Company has an agreement in place with Portico for the archiving of all its online journals and e-books.