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ISSN 1461-0213 | E-ISSN 1570-5595
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AILA Review

Edited by Ee-Ling Low

AILA Review is the official journal of AILA, the International Association of Applied Linguistics. It is Scopus-indexed and addresses cutting-edge topics such as inter- and transdisciplinary issues in Applied Linguistics. Founded in 1989, AILA Review has always been an excellent publication platform for peer-reviewed... full description
ISSN 2589-109X | E-ISSN 2589-1103
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Applied Pragmatics

Edited by Zia Tajeddin and Naoko Taguchi

Applied Pragmatics aims to enhance research on acquisitional pragmatics and hence accepts studies which have strong implications for teaching, learning, and assessing L2 pragmatics, including L2 English and other languages. We encourage submissions from a wide range of topics falling within the scope of the journal.... full description
ISSN 2215-1354 | E-ISSN 2215-1362
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Asia-Pacific Language Variation

Edited by Shobha Satyanath

This journal aims to report research on the description and analysis of variation and change from the Asia-Pacific region. The journal encourages research that is firmly based on empirical data and quantitative analysis of variation and change as well as the social factors that are reflected and constructed through... full description
ISSN 2665-9336 | E-ISSN 2665-9344
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Asian Languages and Linguistics

Edited by Danqing Liu, Ailan Fu and Gong Cheng

Asian Languages and Linguistics aims to enhance high-quality research on the description and theoretical analysis of languages throughout Asia. The journal encourages submissions from a wide range of topics, including but not limited to the following:• Theoretical research on the syntax, semantics, phonology,... full description
ISSN 0155-0640 | E-ISSN 1833-7139
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Australian Review of Applied Linguistics

Edited by Sender Dovchin

The Australian Review of Applied Linguistics (ARAL) is the preeminent journal of the Applied Linguistics Association of Australia (ALAA). ARAL is a peer reviewed journal that promotes scholarly discussion and contemporary understandings of language-related matters with a view to impacting on real-world problems and... full description
ISSN 0521-9744 | E-ISSN 1569-9668
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Revue internationale de la traduction / International Journal of Translation

Edited by Yifeng Sun

Babel is a scholarly journal designed primarily for translators, interpreters and terminologists (T&I), yet of interest also for non-specialists concerned with current issues and events in the field.The scope of Babel is intentional and embraces a multitude of disciplines built on the following pillars: T&I theory,... full description
ISSN 0774-5141 | E-ISSN 1569-9676
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Belgian Journal of Linguistics

Edited by Timothy Colleman

The Belgian Journal of Linguistics is the annual publication of the Linguistic Society of Belgium and includes selected contributions from the international meetings organized by the LSB. Its volumes are topical and address a wide range of subjects in different fields of linguistics and neighboring disciplines (e.g.... full description
ISSN 1384-6663 | E-ISSN 1569-9684
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Bochumer Philosophisches Jahrbuch für Antike und Mittelalter

Edited by Manuel Baumbach and Olaf Pluta

This journal is devoted to the philosophy of antiquity and the Middle Ages. It concentrates on research documenting the connections between ancient and medieval philosophy; focuses on the interrelations among various cultural and philosophical traditions, such as the Arabic, Judaic, Byzantine and Latin; informs about... full description
ISSN 1877-7031 | E-ISSN 1877-8798
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Chinese Language and Discourse

An International and Interdisciplinary Journal

Edited by Zhuo Jing-Schmidt, K.K. Luke, Hongyin Tao and Li Wei

A peer-reviewed journal which seeks to publish original work on Chinese and related languages, with a focus on current topics in Chinese discourse studies. The notion of discourse is a broad one, emphasizing an empirical orientation and encompassing such linguistic fields as language and society, language and culture,... full description
ISSN 2451-828X | E-ISSN 2451-8298
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Chinese as a Second Language (漢語教學研究—美國中文教師學會學報)

The journal of the Chinese Language Teachers Association, USA

Edited by Dana Scott Bourgerie

漢語教學研究—美國中文教師學會學報 / Chinese as a Second Language — The journal of the Chinese Language Teachers Association, USA (CSL), is the academic journal of the Chinese Language Teachers Association, USA (CLTA). The journal publishes peer-reviewed original articles in English or Chinese (either simplified or traditional... full description
ISSN 2213-8722 | E-ISSN 2213-8730
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Cognitive Linguistic Studies

Edited by Xu Wen and Zoltán Kövecses

Cognitive Linguistic Studies is an interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary, and transdisciplinary journal of cognitive linguistics, cognitive science, and cognitive neuroscience. It explores implications from and for psycholinguistic, computational, neuroscientific, cross-cultural and cross-linguistic research.Cognitive... full description
ISSN 1810-7478 | E-ISSN 2589-5230
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Studies in Linguistics

Edited by Hsiao-Hung Iris Wu and Li-Hsin Ning

Concentric: Studies in Linguistics is a refereed, biannual journal, publishing research articles on all linguistic studies on the languages in the Asia-Pacific region. Review articles and book reviews with solid argumentation are also welcomed.The journal is currently co-published by the Department of English at... full description
ISSN 1876-1933 | E-ISSN 1876-1941
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Constructions and Frames

Edited by Francesca Masini and Bracha Nir

Constructions and Frames is an international peer-reviewed journal that provides a forum for construction-based approaches to language analysis. Constructional models emphasize the role of constructions, as conventional pairings of meaning and form, in stating language-specific and cross-linguistic generalizations and... full description
ISSN 0176-4225 | E-ISSN 1569-9714
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International Journal for Historical Linguistics

Edited by Claire Bowern

Diachronica provides a forum for the presentation and discussion of information concerning all aspects of language change in any and all languages of the globe. Contributions which combine theoretical interest and philological acumen are especially welcome.Diachronica appears four times per year, publishing articles,... full description
ISSN 2949-6861 | E-ISSN 2949-6845

Digital Translation

International Journal of Translation and Localization

Edited by Minako O'Hagan and Julie McDonough Dolmaya

In recognition of the pervasive impact of digital technologies on all forms of translation, Digital Translation: International Journal of Translation and Localization aims to provide a research venue to explore translation and localization-related phenomena that can be characterised by the shift towards... full description
ISSN 1874-8767 | E-ISSN 1874-8775
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English Text Construction

Edited by Lieselotte Brems, Lobke Ghesquière and Brecht de Groote

English Text Construction is an internationally refereed journal of English Linguistics, Applied Linguistics and Literary Studies focusing on the communicating subject and the text constructing this intersubjective communication. The journal offers a forum for currently converging tendencies that place the... full description
ISSN 0172-8865 | E-ISSN 1569-9730
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English World-Wide

A Journal of Varieties of English

Edited by Marianne Hundt and Anne Schröder

English World-Wide has established itself as the leading and most comprehensive journal dealing with varieties of English. The focus is on scholarly discussions of new findings in the dialectology and sociolinguistics of the English-speaking communities (native and second-language speakers), but general problems of... full description
ISSN 2589-1588 | E-ISSN 2589-1596
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Evolutionary Linguistic Theory

Edited by Ermenegildo Bidese and Anne Reboul

Evolutionary Linguistic Theory (ELT) is an international peer-reviewed journal intended as a platform for discussing the question of the origin and development of the language faculty understood as a specifically dedicated part of the human mind/brain and its connection with the human cognition. The specificity of the... full description
ISSN 1598-7647 | E-ISSN 2451-909X
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Revue internationale d’interprétation et de traduction / International Journal of Interpretation and Translation

Edited by Jeong-yeon Kim and Marianne Lederer

FORUM was founded in 2003 by the joint efforts of researchers from KSCI and ESIT. It is a refereed international Translation Studies Journal, bilingual English/French, and appears twice a year. FORUM is supported by UNESCO's Clearing House for Literary Translation. The Journal's primary objective is to offer... full description
ISSN 0929-998X | E-ISSN 1569-9765
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Functions of Language

Edited by Martin Hilpert, J. Lachlan Mackenzie and Sumin Zhao

Functions of Language is an international journal of linguistics which explores the functionalist perspective on the organisation and use of natural language. It publishes articles and reviews books from the full spectrum of functionalist linguistics, seeking to bring out the fundamental unity behind the various... full description
ISSN 1568-1475 | E-ISSN 1569-9773
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Edited by Sotaro Kita

Gesture publishes articles reporting original research, as well as survey and review articles, on all aspects of gesture. The journal aims to stimulate and facilitate scholarly communication between the different disciplines within which work on gesture is conducted. For this reason papers written in the spirit of... full description
ISSN 0302-5160 | E-ISSN 1569-9781
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Historiographia Linguistica

International Journal for the History of the Language Sciences

Edited by Jean-Michel Fortis and Otto Zwartjes

Historiographia Linguistica (HL) serves the ever growing community of scholars interested in the history of the sciences concerned with language such as linguistics, philology, anthropology, sociology, pedagogy, psychology, neurology, and other disciplines. Central objectives of HL are the critical presentation of the... full description
ISSN 0019-0829 | E-ISSN 1783-1490
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ITL - International Journal of Applied Linguistics

Edited by Elke Peters

ITL - International Journal of Applied Linguistics is a refereed journal devoted to studies in the field of language acquisition in a multilingual society. It is particularly interested in manuscripts reporting on studies that apply a multidisciplinary approach to research on second/foreign language acquisition of... full description
ISSN 0142-5471 | E-ISSN 1569-979X
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Information Design Journal

Edited by Maria dos Santos Lonsdale

Information Design Journal (IDJ) is a peer-reviewed international journal that bridges the gap between research and practice in information design.IDJ is a platform for discussing and improving the design, usability, and overall effectiveness of ‘content put into form’ — of verbal and visual messages shaped to meet... full description
ISSN 1572-0373 | E-ISSN 1572-0381
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Interaction Studies

Social Behaviour and Communication in Biological and Artificial Systems

Edited by Kerstin Dautenhahn and Angelo Cangelosi

This international, peer-reviewed journal aims to advance knowledge in the growing and strongly interdisciplinary area of Interaction Studies in biological and artificial systems. Understanding social behaviour and communication in biological and artificial systems requires knowledge of evolutionary, developmental and... full description
ISSN 2666-4224 | E-ISSN 2666-4232
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Interactional Linguistics

Edited by Ilana Mushin and Simona Pekarek Doehler

In the past two decades, usage-based approaches to linguistic inquiry have forged an empirically grounded comprehension of language as locally contingent, temporal, and ever-adaptive. Interactionally-oriented approaches to the study of language have evidenced both how linguistic structures function as resources for... full description
ISSN 2213-8706 | E-ISSN 2213-8714
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International Journal of Chinese Linguistics

Edited by Wei-Tien Dylan Tsai, Ning Yu and Hongming Zhang

International Journal of Chinese Linguistics is a peer-reviewed journal. The journal aims to publish high-quality scientific studies of Chinese linguistics and languages (including their dialects). With this aim, the journal serves as a forum for scholars and students in the world who study all areas of Chinese... full description
ISSN 1384-6655 | E-ISSN 1569-9811
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International Journal of Corpus Linguistics

Edited by Michaela Mahlberg

The International Journal of Corpus Linguistics (IJCL) publishes original research covering methodological, applied and theoretical work in any area of corpus linguistics. Through its focus on empirical language research, IJCL provides a forum for the presentation of new findings and innovative approaches in any area... full description
ISSN 2214-3157 | E-ISSN 2214-3165
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International Journal of Language and Culture

Edited by Esther Pascual and Vera da Silva Sinha

The aim of the International Journal of Language and Culture (IJoLC) is to disseminate cutting-edge research that explores the interrelationship between language and culture. The journal is multidisciplinary in scope and seeks to provide a forum for researchers interested in the interaction between language and... full description
ISSN 2215-1478 | E-ISSN 2215-1486
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International Journal of Learner Corpus Research

General Editor: Sandra Götz and Magali Paquot

The International Journal of Learner Corpus Research (IJLCR) is a forum for researchers who collect, annotate, and analyse computer learner corpora and/or use them to investigate topics in Second Language Acquisition and linguistic theory in general, inform foreign language teaching, develop learner-corpus-informed... full description
ISSN 2542-3851 | E-ISSN 2542-386X
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Internet Pragmatics

Edited by Chaoqun Xie and Francisco Yus

A huge amount of communication is nowadays carried out on the internet, as is reflected in online social networking sites, instant messaging interactions and the emergence of norms of production and interpretation in online communities as regards the discursive construction of digital selves, digital communicative... full description
ISSN 1384-6647 | E-ISSN 1569-982X
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International Journal of Research and Practice in Interpreting

Edited by Franz Pöchhacker and Minhua Liu

Interpreting serves as a medium for research and debate on all aspects of interpreting, in its various modes, modalities (spoken and signed) and settings (conferences, media, courtroom, healthcare and others). Striving to promote our understanding of the socio-cultural, cognitive and linguistic dimensions of... full description
ISSN 2211-4742 | E-ISSN 2211-4750
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Journal of Argumentation in Context

Edited by Frans H. van Eemeren and Bart Garssen

The Journal of Argumentation in Context aims to publish high-quality papers about the role of argumentation in the various kinds of argumentative practices that have come into being in social life. These practices include, for instance, political, legal, medical, financial, commercial, academic, educational,... full description
ISSN 0957-6851 | E-ISSN 1569-9838
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Journal of Asian Pacific Communication

Chief editor: Marinus van den Berg, Howard Giles and Herbert D. Pierson

The Journal of Asian Pacific Communication (JAPC) is an international journal whose academic mission is to bring together specialists from diverse scholarly disciplines to discuss and interpret language in communication issues as they pertain to people of Asian Pacific regions and in their immigrant communities... full description
ISSN 2590-0994 | E-ISSN 2590-1001
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Journal of English for Research Publication Purposes

Edited by Pejman Habibie and Sue Starfield

The Journal of English for Research Publication Purposes will provide a scholarly venue for the construction and dissemination of discourses related to the fast-expanding field of English for research publication purposes (ERPP). This will help academics and practitioners working in (sub)disciplines such as Applied... full description
ISSN 2666-8882 | E-ISSN 2666-8890
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Journal of English-Medium Instruction

Edited by Diane Pecorari and Hans Malmström

Around the globe, varied instructional settings use English for teaching and learning purposes, despite the fact that it is not the first language of some or all participants. The Journal of English-Medium Instruction provides a home for research on this important and rapidly growing phenomenon. The journal adopts a... full description
ISSN 2210-2116 | E-ISSN 2210-2124
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Journal of Historical Linguistics

General Editor: Silvia Luraghi and Eitan Grossman

The Journal of Historical Linguistics aims to publish, after peer-review, papers that make a significant contribution to the theory and/or methodology of historical linguistics. Papers dealing with any language or language family are welcome. Papers should have a diachronic orientation and should offer new... full description
ISSN 1566-5852 | E-ISSN 1569-9854
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Journal of Historical Pragmatics

Edited by Daniela Landert

The Journal of Historical Pragmatics provides an interdisciplinary forum for theoretical, empirical and methodological work at the intersection of pragmatics and historical linguistics. The editorial focus is on socio-historical and pragmatic aspects of historical texts in their sociocultural context of communication... full description
ISSN 2212-8433 | E-ISSN 2212-8441
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Journal of Immersion and Content-Based Language Education

Edited by Laurent Cammarata and Pádraig Ó Duibhir

The Journal of Immersion and Content-Based Language Education (JICB)invites research and theoretical papers related to all levels (from pre-Kindergarten to university) of language education contexts in which language is used as the vehicle to teach subject matter content, including but not limited to: bi- and... full description
ISSN 2032-6904 | E-ISSN 2032-6912
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The Journal of Internationalization and Localization

Edited by Minako O'Hagan and Julie McDonough Dolmaya

Research related with internationalization and localization is new and is more and more solicited by language businesses, software developers, translation agencies, international multilingual organizations, universities, language planning policy makers and standardization institutes.The Journal of Internationalization... full description
ISSN 2213-1272 | E-ISSN 2213-1280
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Journal of Language Aggression and Conflict

Edited by Pilar Garcés-Conejos Blitvich and Maria Sifianou

The goal of the journal is to create a unique outlet for cutting edge research, and has a format, content and structure that reflect the rapidly growing interest in studies that focus on the language of aggression and conflict. The special focus on language use derives from the assumption that although aggression and... full description
ISSN 1569-2159 | E-ISSN 1569-9862
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Journal of Language and Politics

Edited by Michał Krzyżanowski

The Journal of Language and Politics (JLP) represents an interdisciplinary and critical forum for analysing and discussing the various dimensions in the interplay between language and politics. It locates at the intersection of several social science disciplines including communication and media research, linguistics,... full description
ISSN 2211-3770 | E-ISSN 2211-3789
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Journal of Language and Sexuality

Edited by Heiko Motschenbacher

The Journal of Language and Sexuality aims to present research on the discursive formations of sexuality, including sexual desire, sexual identities, sexual politics and sexuality in diaspora. Of interest is linguistic work in the widest possible sense, including work in... full description
ISSN 0920-9034 | E-ISSN 1569-9870
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Journal of Pidgin and Creole Languages

Edited by Bettina Migge and Anthony P. Grant

The Journal of Pidgin and Creole Languages (JPCL) aims to provide a forum for the scholarly study of pidgins, creoles, and other contact language varieties, from multi-disciplinary perspectives. The journal places special emphasis on current research devoted to empirical description, theoretical issues, and the... full description
ISSN 2215-1931 | E-ISSN 2215-194X
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Journal of Second Language Pronunciation

Edited by John M. Levis

The Journal of Second Language Pronunciation is a scholarly journal devoted to research into the acquisition, perception, production, teaching, assessment, and description of prosodic and segmental pronunciation of second languages in all contexts of learning. The journal encourages research that connects theory and... full description
ISSN 2542-3835 | E-ISSN 2542-3843
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Journal of Second Language Studies

General Editor: Boping Yuan

Journal of Second Language Studies (JSLS) is an international refereed journal that is dedicated to promoting scholarly exchanges, advancing theoretical knowledge, and exploring pedagogical implications in second language acquisition and teaching. The journal particularly welcomes interdisciplinary research dealing... full description
ISSN 2772-3720 | E-ISSN 2772-3739
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Journal of Uralic Linguistics

Edited by Anders Holmberg and Balázs Surányi

Linguistic research on Uralic languages has been undergoing profound and multi-layered renewal as well as extraordinary expansion in recent years. This shift has been marked by the extension of in-depth linguistic work on general linguistic topics of current interest to an ever-growing number of Uralic languages, and... full description
ISSN 0257-3784 | E-ISSN 2212-9731
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Korean Linguistics

Edited by Lucien Brown

Korean Linguistics, the journal of the International Circle of Korean Linguistics, publishes peer-reviewed, scholarly articles at the cutting edge of Korean linguistics, a field of growing importance in virtually all branches of linguistics (syntax, semantics, phonology, phonetics, sociolinguistics,... full description
ISSN 2452-1949 | E-ISSN 2452-2147
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Language Ecology

General Editor: Umberto Ansaldo and Lisa Lim

The ecology of language is a framework for the study of language as conceptualised primarily in Einar Haugen’s 1971/72 work, where he defines language ecology as “the study of interactions between any given language and its environment”. It was a reaction to the abstract notion of language – as a monolithic,... full description
ISSN 0272-2690 | E-ISSN 1569-9889
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Language Problems and Language Planning

Edited by François Grin

Language Problems and Language Planning (LPLP) is a peer-reviewed international and multilingual journal which focuses on language issues and the challenges they raise for contemporary societies at various levels and for various actors, with a particular emphasis on how these issues are addressed and processed through... full description
ISSN 2589-2053 | E-ISSN 2589-207X
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Language Teaching for Young Learners

Edited by Dingfang Shu, Rod Ellis and Janet Enever

Language Teaching for Young Learners is an academic, refereed journal, which publishes articles relating to the teaching and learning of foreign / second languages for young learners. ‘Young’ is defined as including both children and adolescents. Although some young learners receive language instruction in... full description
ISSN 2210-4119 | E-ISSN 2210-4127
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Language and Dialogue

Edited by Edda Weigand

In our post-Cartesian times human abilities are regarded as integrated and interacting abilities. Speaking, thinking, perceiving, having emotions need to be studied in interaction. Integration and interaction take place in dialogue. Scholars are called upon to go beyond reductive methods of abstraction and division... full description
ISSN 1606-822X | E-ISSN 2309-5067
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Language and Linguistics


Edited by Edith Aldridge

Language and Linguistics is an academic publication of the Institute of Linguistics at Academia Sinica. Established in 2000, it publishes research in general and theoretical linguistics on the languages of East Asia and the Pacific region, including Sino-Tibetan, Austronesian, and the Austroasiatic and Altaic... full description
ISSN 2589-7233 | E-ISSN 2589-7241
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Language, Context and Text

The Social Semiotics Forum

Edited by Xingwei Miao and Geoff Williams

Language, Context and Text: The Social Semiotics Forum (LangCT) is an international, refereed journal with a focus on the use, critique and development of social semiotics as originally proposed by the British linguist M.A.K. Halliday. It is dedicated to new theoretical and empirical work in systemic functional... full description
ISSN 2543-3164 | E-ISSN 2543-3156
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Language, Culture and Society

General Editor: Alfonso Del Percio, Patricia Baquedano-López, Miguel Pérez-Milans and Cécile B. Vigouroux

Language, Culture and Society provides an international platform for cutting-edge research that advances thinking and understanding of the complex intersections of language, culture and society, with the aim of pushing traditional disciplinary boundaries through theoretical and methodological innovation. Contributors... full description
ISSN 1879-7865 | E-ISSN 1879-7873
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Language, Interaction and Acquisition

Langage, Interaction et Acquisition

Edited by Sandra Benazzo, Marianne Gullberg, Henriëtte Hendriks and Georges Daniel Véronique

LIA is a bilingual English-French journal that publishes original theoretical and empirical research of high scientific quality at the forefront of current debates concerning language acquisition. It covers all facets of language acquisition among different types of learners and in diverse learning situations, with... full description
ISSN 1387-6759 | E-ISSN 1569-9897
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Languages in Contrast

International Journal for Contrastive Linguistics

Edited by Marie-Aude Lefer and Barbara De Cock

Languages in Contrast publishes contrastive studies of two or more languages. Any aspect of language may be covered, including vocabulary, phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, pragmatics, text and discourse, stylistics, sociolinguistics and psycholinguistics.Languages in Contrast welcomes interdisciplinary... full description
ISSN 1879-9264 | E-ISSN 1879-9272
Cover not available

Linguistic Approaches to Bilingualism

Edited by Holger Hopp and Tanja Kupisch

LAB offers online submission.More details can be found below in the Submissionsection and in the guidelines. LAB is an international peer-reviewed journal which provides an outlet for cutting-edge studies on linguistic aspects of bilingualism. LAB assumes a broad definition... full description
ISSN 2214-9953 | E-ISSN 2214-9961
Cover not available

Linguistic Landscape

An international journal

Edited by Elana Shohamy and Robert Blackwood

In this day and age languages surround us everywhere; languages appear in flashy advertisements and commercials, names of buildings, streets and shops, instructions and warning signs, graffiti and cyber space. The dynamic field of Linguistic Landscape (LL) attempts to understand the motives, uses, ideologies, language... full description
ISSN 2211-6834 | E-ISSN 2211-6842
Cover not available

Linguistic Variation

General Editor: Hedde Zeijlstra

Linguistic Variation is an international, peer-reviewed journal that focuses on the study of linguistic variation. It seeks to investigate to what extent the study of linguistic variation can shed light on the broader issue of language-particular versus language-universal properties, on the interaction between what is... full description
ISSN 0929-7332 | E-ISSN 1569-9919
Cover not available

Linguistics in the Netherlands

AVT Publications

Editorial Board: Hans Broekhuis, Marcel den Dikken, Janet Grijzenhout, Paula Fikkert, Helen de Hoop, Henk van Riemsdijk, Jeroen van de Weijer and Wim van der Wurff

Linguistics in the Netherlands is a series of annual publications, sponsored by the Dutch Linguistics Association (Algemene Vereniging voor Taalwetenschap) and published by John Benjamins Publishing Company since Volume 8 in 1991. Each volume contains a careful selection through peer review of papers presented at the... full description
ISSN 0731-3500 | E-ISSN 2214-5907
Cover not available

Linguistics of the Tibeto-Burman Area

Edited by David Bradley

Linguistics of the Tibeto-Burman Area is a peer-reviewed (refereed) journal devoted to the synchronic and diachronic study of the languages of mainland Southeast Asia, the Indo-Burma region, the Tibetan Plateau and the Himalayas, with a special focus on the vast and ramified Tibeto-Burman family. In addition to... full description
ISSN 0378-4169 | E-ISSN 1569-9927
Cover not available

Lingvisticæ Investigationes

International Journal of Linguistics and Language Resources

Edited by Jorge Baptista, Cédrick Fairon, Natalia Grabar and Corinne Rossari

Lingvisticæ Investigationes publishes original articles dealing with the lexicon, grammar, phonology and semantics. It focuses on studies that are formalized to the point where they can be integrated into text analysis software, and on studies which describe resources such as grammars and electronic dictionaries... full description
ISSN 1871-1340 | E-ISSN 1871-1375
Cover not available

The Mental Lexicon

Edited by Harald Baayen, Melanie J. Bell, Juhani Järvikivi and Vito Pirrelli

The Mental Lexicon is an interdisciplinary journal that provides an international forum for research that bears on the issues of the representation and processing of words in the mind and brain. We encourage both the submission of original research and reviews of significant new developments in the understanding of... full description
ISSN 2210-4070 | E-ISSN 2210-4097
Cover not available

Metaphor and the Social World

Edited by Aletta G. Dorst, Susan Nacey and Dennis Tay

The journal Metaphor and the Social World aims to provide a forum for researchers to share with each other, and with potential research users, work that explores aspects of metaphor and the social world. The term “social world” signals the importance given to context (of metaphor use), to connections (e.g. across... full description
ISSN 0108-8416 | E-ISSN 2212-9715
Cover not available


North-Western European Language Evolution

Erik W. Hansen and Hans Frede Nielsen †

NOWELE: North-Western European Language Evolution is an interdisciplinary journal devoted not only to the study of the early and more recent history of a locally determined group of languages, but also to the study of purely theoretical questions concerning language development.NOWELE welcomes submissions dealing with... full description
ISSN 1387-6740 | E-ISSN 1569-9935
Cover not available

Narrative Inquiry

Edited by Dorien Van De Mieroop and Allyssa McCabe

Narrative Inquiry is devoted to providing a forum for theoretical, empirical, and methodological work on narrative. Articles appearing in Narrative Inquiry draw upon a variety of approaches and methodologies in the study of narrative as a way to give contour to experience, tradition, and values to next generations.... full description
ISSN 2665-9581 | E-ISSN 2665-959X
Cover not available

Pedagogical Linguistics

Edited by Andreas Trotzke and Tom Rankin

Pedagogical Linguistics publishes work on educational applications of theoretical and descriptive linguistics. The general aim of the journal is to bring the formal and the functional strands of linguistics together in order to establish a forum where they can cross-fertilize each other with the aim of discussing and... full description
ISSN 1018-2101 | E-ISSN 2406-4238
Cover not available


Quarterly Publication of the International Pragmatics Association (IPrA)

Edited by Helmut Gruber

Pragmatics is the peer-reviewed quarterly journal of the International Pragmatics Association (IPrA), which was established in 1986 to represent the field of linguistic pragmatics, broadly conceived as the interdisciplinary (cognitive, social, cultural) science of language use. Its goal is to reflect the diversity of... full description
ISSN 0929-0907 | E-ISSN 1569-9943
Cover not available

Pragmatics & Cognition

Edited by Elly Ifantidou and Louis de Saussure

Pragmatics & Cognition publishes articles which forge links between communication and related human abilities and behaviours, from the perspective of cognitive science. The journal's leading principle is that the proper understanding of communication, mental activity and interpersonal relations requires an intensive... full description
ISSN 1878-9714 | E-ISSN 1878-9722
Cover not available

Pragmatics and Society

Edited by Daria Dayter

Pragmatics and Society puts the spotlight on societal aspects of language use, while incorporating many other facets of society-oriented pragmatic studies. It brings together a variety of approaches to the study of language in context, inspired by different research perspectives and drawing on various disciplines, for... full description
ISSN 2542-9477 | E-ISSN 2542-9485
Cover not available

Register Studies

Edited by Jesse Egbert and Bethany Gray

Register Studies is a refereed journal devoted to the publication of high-quality research on register and its relationship to all aspects of language use, variation, change, and learning. This journal focuses primarily on empirical linguistic studies related to:spoken or written registers in any language or time ... full description
ISSN 0925-4757 | E-ISSN 1569-9951
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Yearbook of the International Reynard Society

Edited by Richard Trachsler and Baudouin Van den Abeele

Reinardus is an international, peer-reviewed journal, which aims to promote comparative research in the fields of medieval comic, satirical, didactic, and allegorical literature, with emphasis on beast epic, fable and fabliau, including sources, influences and later developments into the modern period. The methods and... full description
ISSN 1877-9751 | E-ISSN 1877-976X
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Review of Cognitive Linguistics

Published under the auspices of the Spanish Cognitive Linguistics Association

Edited by Francisco José Ruiz de Mendoza Ibáñez

The Review of Cognitive Linguistics (published under the auspices of the Spanish Cognitive Linguistics Association) offers an international forum for the publication of original high-quality research from a cognitive perspective in all areas of linguistic conceptualization and communication. Fruitful debate is... full description
ISSN 0213-2028 | E-ISSN 2254-6774
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Revista Española de Lingüística Aplicada/Spanish Journal of Applied Linguistics

Published under the auspices of the Spanish Association of Applied Linguistics

Edited by Juana M. Liceras and Carolina Rodríguez-Juárez

The Revista Española de Lingüística Aplicada/Spanish Journal of Applied Linguistics (RESLA/SJAL) is the biannual journal of the Spanish Association of Applied Linguistics (AESLA, International in scope, RESLA is peer reviewed and accepts for publication original high-quality scholarly... full description
ISSN 0035-3906 | E-ISSN 1600-0811
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Revue Romane

Langue et littérature. International Journal of Romance Languages and Literatures

Edited by Steen Bille Jørgensen and Richard Waltereit

Revue Romane publishes studies about Romance languages and literature as well as reviews of linguistic and literary works. Revue Romane is especially interested in articles that focus on methodological and/or theoretical arguments of the treated topic. A multilingual and truly world-wide forum for Romance... full description
ISSN 2210-4372 | E-ISSN 2210-4380
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Scientific Study of Literature

Edited by David I. Hanauer

Literature has an important role in human culture. Broadly interpreted, literature is defined as all cultural artefacts that make use of literary devices, such as narrativity, metaphoricity, symbolism. Its manifestations include novels, short stories, poetry, theatre, film, television, and, more recently, digital... full description
ISSN 1387-9316 | E-ISSN 1569-996X
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Sign Language & Linguistics

Edited by Roland Pfau and Pamela Perniss

Sign Language & Linguistics is a peer-reviewed, international journal which aims to increase our understanding of language by providing an academic forum for researchers to discuss sign languages in the larger context of natural language, crosslinguistically and crossmodally. SLL presents studies that apply existing... full description
ISSN 1571-0718 | E-ISSN 1571-0726
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Spanish in Context

Edited by Francisco Moreno-Fernández

Spanish in Context publishes original theoretical, empirical and methodological studies into pragmatics and sociopragmatics, variationist and interactional sociolinguistics, sociology of language, discourse and conversation analysis, functional contextual analyses, bilingualism, and crosscultural and intercultural... full description
ISSN 0378-4177 | E-ISSN 1569-9978
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Studies in Language

General Editor: Katharina Haude and Nicole Kruspe

Studies in Language (SL) provides a forum for the discussion of issues in contemporary linguistics, with a particular focus on empirically well-grounded research in the functionalist tradition that recognizes the diversity and variability of human languages and of communication patterns, the historical dynamics of... full description
ISSN 2405-5522 | E-ISSN 2405-5530
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Study Abroad Research in Second Language Acquisition and International Education

Edited by Rachel L. Shively

Reflecting the growth of international exchange programmes in an educational context, Study Abroad Research in Second Language Acquisition and International Education has as its focus the role of study abroad in language learning and educational development. In the area of language learning, articles explore all... full description
ISSN 2666-1748 | E-ISSN 2666-1756
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Journal on Task-Based Language Teaching and Learning

Edited by Kris Van den Branden and Koen Van Gorp

TASK is an international refereed journal dedicated to promoting and disseminating scholarship and research in the field of Task-Based Language Teaching (TBLT) and learning. The journal welcomes reports of empirical studies, ground-breaking theoretical articles, critical position papers and practioner papers on... full description
ISSN 0924-1884 | E-ISSN 1569-9986
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International Journal of Translation Studies

Edited by Haidee Kotze

Target is a double-blind peer-reviewed journal aiming to promote the interdisciplinary scholarly study of translational phenomena from any part of the world and in any medium.The journal presents research on various forms of translation and interpreting approached from historical, cultural, literary, sociological,... full description
ISSN 0929-9971 | E-ISSN 1569-9994
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International Journal of Theoretical and Applied Issues in Specialized Communication

Edited by Kyo Kageura and Rita Temmerman

Terminology is an independent journal with a cross-cultural and cross-disciplinary scope. It focuses on the discussion of (systematic) solutions not only of language problems encountered in translation, but also, for example, of (monolingual) problems of ambiguity, reference and developments in multidisciplinary... full description
ISSN 2211-3711 | E-ISSN 2211-372X
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Translation Spaces

A multidisciplinary, multimedia, and multilingual journal of translation

Edited by Dorothy Kenny and Joss Moorkens

Translation Spaces is a biannual, peer-reviewed, indexed journal that recognizes the global impact of translation. It envisions translation as multi-dimensional phenomena productively studied (from) within complex spaces of encounter between knowledge, values, beliefs, and practices. These translation spaces -virtual... full description
ISSN 1932-2798 | E-ISSN 1876-2700
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Translation and Interpreting Studies

The Journal of the American Translation and Interpreting Studies Association

Edited by Brian James Baer and Christopher D. Mellinger

Translation and Interpreting Studies (TIS) is a peer-reviewed journal designed to disseminate knowledge and research relevant to all areas of language mediation. TIS seeks to address broad, common concerns among scholars working in various areas of Translation and Interpreting Studies, while encouraging sound... full description
ISSN 2352-1805 | E-ISSN 2352-1813
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Translation and Translanguaging in Multilingual Contexts

Edited by Sara Laviosa

Translation and translanguaging are natural and complementary phenomena that occur in multilingual societies. They are advocated as valuable pedagogies that not only develop the ability to operate between languages but also, and most importantly, nourish creativity and a multilingual sense of self. They make it... full description
ISSN 2667-3037 | E-ISSN 2667-3045
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Translation in Society

Edited by Luc van Doorslaer

The aim of this essentially interdisciplinary journal is to explore translation as a key social relation in a deeply interconnected world.Translation in Society offers a platform for the growing amount of research in translation studies that draws on sociological theories and methodologies. It also seeks to contribute... full description
ISSN 2542-5277 | E-ISSN 2542-5285
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Translation, Cognition & Behavior

Edited by Ricardo Muñoz Martín and Sharon O'Brien

Translation, Cognition & Behavior focuses on a broad area of research generally known as cognitive translation studies – a term that encompasses new conceptual paradigms being explored in cognitive translatology as well as traditional translation process research. Cognitive translation studies intersects with a number... full description
ISSN 1387-6732 | E-ISSN 1570-6001
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Written Language & Literacy

General Editor: Dorit Ravid

Written Language and Literacy will be concerned with linguistic, psycholinguistic, educational and sociolinguistic accounts of the structure and functions of written language, the processes and acquisition of reading and writing, and the use and development of literacy in different social and cultural settings. The... full description