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ISSN 2666-8882 | E-ISSN 2666-8890
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Journal of English-Medium Instruction

Edited by Diane Pecorari and Hans Malmström

Around the globe, varied instructional settings use English for teaching and learning purposes, despite the fact that it is not the first language of some or all participants. The Journal of English-Medium Instruction provides a home for research on this important and rapidly growing phenomenon. The journal adopts a... full description
ISSN 2772-3720 | E-ISSN 2772-3739
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Journal of Uralic Linguistics

Edited by Anders Holmberg and Balázs Surányi

Linguistic research on Uralic languages has been undergoing profound and multi-layered renewal as well as extraordinary expansion in recent years. This shift has been marked by the extension of in-depth linguistic work on general linguistic topics of current interest to an ever-growing number of Uralic languages, and... full description
ISSN 2667-3037 | E-ISSN 2667-3045
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Translation in Society

Edited by Luc van Doorslaer

The aim of this essentially interdisciplinary journal is to explore translation as a key social relation in a deeply interconnected world.Translation in Society offers a platform for the growing amount of research in translation studies that draws on sociological theories and methodologies. It also seeks to contribute... full description