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ISSN 2452-0063 | E-ISSN 2452-0071
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The Agenda Setting Journal

Theory, Practice, Critique

Edited by Chris J. Vargo

Agenda-setting theory, the most popular theory in mass communication, has expanded to other areas beyond communication including business, history, finance, politics and sports. Dr. Maxwell McCombs (The University of Texas at Austin) and his research partner, Dr. Donald Shaw (The University of North Carolina at Chapel... full description
ISSN 1572-0268 | E-ISSN 1572-0276
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Annual Review of Cognitive Linguistics

Published under the auspices of the Spanish Cognitive Linguistics Association

Edited by Francisco José Ruiz de Mendoza Ibáñez

As of volume 8 (2010) this annual is continued as a journal: Review of Cognitive LinguisticsThe Annual Review of Cognitive Linguistics (published under the auspices of the Spanish Cognitive Linguistics Association) aims to establish itself as an international forum for the publication of high-quality original research... full description
ISSN 1568-1467 | E-ISSN 1569-965X
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Annual Review of Language Acquisition

Edited by Clara Levelt, Lynn Santelmann, Maaike Verrips and Frank Wijnen

The Annual Review was devoted to research in the domain of first language acquisition, i.e., the process of acquiring command of a first language, and studies in which first language acquisition was compared to second language acquistion, as well as studies on language acquisition under abnormal conditions.... full description
ISSN 0044-8699
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Archív Orientální

Quarterly Journal of African and Asian Studies

Executive Editor: Táňa Dluhošová

Published by the Oriental Institute of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic. Archív Orientální publishes articles, book-reviews and notes on all subjects connected with African and Asian studies. Contributions are in English, French and German. The journal was founded in 1929 by Bedrich Hrozný and has a... full description
ISSN 0817-9514 | E-ISSN 2542-5102
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Australian Review of Applied Linguistics. Series S

As a companion to the journal Australian Review of Applied Linguistics, “Australian Review of Applied Linguistics. Series S” (ARALSS) is a journal of thematic scholarly works in the field of applied linguistics.For more information, please refer to Australian Review of Applied Linguistics.
ISSN 1041-2212 | E-ISSN 2351-9711
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ISSN 1384-6639 | E-ISSN 1569-9692
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Concepts and Transformation

International Journal of Action Research and Organizational Renewal

Edited by Richard Ennals, Werner Fricke and Øyvind Pålshaugen

This problem-driven journal focused on the role of social research in workplace reform and organizational renewal. It presented new perspectives on the relationship between theory and practice in social science. Volume 9 (2004) last volume published.Back-volumes available.
ISSN 1566-5836 | E-ISSN 1569-9706
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Consciousness & Emotion

This journal was discontinued after volume 4 (2003), and continued as Consciousness & Emotion Book Series.
ISSN 1388-8951 | E-ISSN 1569-9722
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Document Design

Journal of Research and Problem Solving in Organizational Communication

General Editor: Jan Renkema

As of 2004 this journal has been merged with Information Design Journal.
ISSN 2211-7245 | E-ISSN 2211-7253
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Dutch Journal of Applied Linguistics

Edited by Sible Andringa

The Dutch Journal of Applied Linguistics (DuJAL) focuses on promoting Dutch and Belgian work in applied linguistics among an international audience, but also welcomes contributions from other countries. It caters for both the academic society in the field and for language and communication experts working in other... full description
ISSN 1568-1491 | E-ISSN 1569-9749
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EUROSLA Yearbook

Edited by Sarah Ann Liszka

The annual conference of the European Second Language Association provides an opportunity for the presentation of second language research with a genuinely European flavour. The theoretical perspectives adopted are wide-ranging and may fall within traditions overlooked elsewhere. Moreover, the studies presented are... full description
ISSN 1387-5337 | E-ISSN 1569-9757
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Evolution of Communication

An international multidisciplinary journal

General Editor: Harold Gouzoules

As of 2004 Evolution of Communication has been reformulated and appears under the title Interaction Studies: Social Behaviour and Communication in Biological and Artificial Systems.
ISSN 2406-419X | E-ISSN 2406-4246
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IPrA Papers in Pragmatics

Edited by Alessandro Duranti and Bambi B. Schieffelin

IPrA Papers in Pragmatics is the peer-reviewed precursor to Pragmatics, the quarterly publication of the International Pragmatics Association (IPrA). It was published from 1987 to 1990, two issues per year.In partnership with John Benjamins Publishing Company, all issues of IPrA Papers in Pragmatics as well as issues... full description
ISSN 1569-2167 | E-ISSN 1569-9803
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International Journal of Cognition and Technology

Co-Existence, Convergence and Co-evolution

Publications in the field of Cognition and Technology will continue in the journal Pragmatics & Cognition. As of 2005, Pragmatics & Cognition devotes one Special Issue per year to the topic of Cognition and Technology (CT Special Issue Editor: Itiel Dror, University of Southampton).
ISSN 1385-7665 | E-ISSN 2351-969X
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ISSN 1566-5844 | E-ISSN 1569-9846

Journal of Greek Linguistics

As of volume 9 (2008) this journal is published by Brill.Back-volumes 1-8 are also available via Brill.For more information see Orders and queries to:c/o Turpin DistributionStratton Business ParkPegasus Drive, BiggleswadeBedfordshire SG18 8TQUnited KingdomTel +44... full description
ISSN 1053-6981 | E-ISSN 2405-9374
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Journal of Narrative and Life History

Edited by Allyssa McCabe

The Journal of Narrative and Life History was originally published by Lawrence Erlbaum Associates. It was originally a multi-disciplinary journal for work on and with narrative in different disciplines, establishing narrative inquiry as a trans-disciplinary new field. In 1998 it was continued under the title Narrative... full description
ISSN 0980-2797

La Revue des revues

Revue internationale d’histoire et de bibliographie

Director Olivier Corpet

Published by the association Ent’revues with the support of the Centre national des lettres , this periodical is exclusively devoted to the cultivation, study and bibliographical description of periodicals as a genre dealing with a wide variety of periodicals in many subject areas, from many countries and from the... full description
ISSN 0923-182X
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Language International

The business resource for a multilingual age

Edited by Bert Esselink

Language International aims to provide essential, practical information for corporate translation and documentation managers, technical communicators, professional translators and localization specialists, officials in public administration, and international organizations and businesses involved in language... full description
ISSN 0008-0365

Les Cahiers Naturalistes

Société littéraire des Amis d’Émile Zola

Director Alain Pagès

Devoted to the work and life of Émile Zola as well as the study of the Naturalist movement in the broader sense, in particular the Dreyfus affair. Contains an annual blbliography on these subjects. All articles are original.Les Cahiers Naturalistes ne limitent pas leur activité à l’étude de la vie et de l’oeuvre... full description
ISSN 1568-1483 | E-ISSN 1569-9900
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Linguistic Variation Yearbook

General Editor: Jeroen van Craenenbroeck

As of volume 11 (2011) this annual is continued as a journal: Linguistic Variation. The Linguistic Variation Yearbook is devoted to the study of the nature and scope of linguistic variation from the point of view of a Minimalist program. This enterprise aims at expressing the results and insights attained in... full description
ISSN 2542-3800 | E-ISSN 2542-3819
ISSN 0169-7420 | E-ISSN 2213-4883
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Toegepaste Taalwetenschap in Artikelen

Toegepaste Taalwetenschap in Artikelen (TTwiA; Applied Linguistics in Article Form)TTwiA was the journal of the Dutch Association of Applied Linguistics (Association Néerlandaise de Linguistique Appliquée; Anéla). Between 1975 and 2011, a total of 86 issues were published, with Johan Matter (VU University Amsterdam),... full description