Titles published last month

SCL 81

Building and Using the Siarad Corpus: Bilingual conversations in Welsh and English

Margaret Deuchar, Peredur Webb-Davies and Kevin Donnelly
May 2018. vii, 199 pp.
This book is a research monograph divided into two parts. The first part describes the method used to build the first sizeable corpus of informal conversational data collected from bilingual speakers of Welsh and English.
SLCS 195

Changing Structures: Studies in constructions and complementation

Edited by Mark Kaunisto, Mikko Höglund and Paul Rickman
May 2018. vii, 236 pp.
This book is a collection of eleven research articles which altogether serve as a contribution to the study of verb complementation and other constructions, an area of investigation which bridges observations on the spectrum of lexico-grammar, syntax, and semantics.
HCP 60

Conceptual Metonymy: Methodological, theoretical, and descriptive issues

Edited by Olga Blanco-Carrión, Antonio Barcelona and Rossella Pannain
May 2018. ix, 325 pp.
The volume addresses a number of closely connected methodological, descriptive, and theoretical issues in the study of metonymy, and includes a series of case studies broadening our knowledge of the functioning of metonymy.
TiLAR 23

The Development of Prosody in First Language Acquisition

Edited by Pilar Prieto and Núria Esteve-Gibert
May 2018. vi, 368 pp.
This book compiles a set of seventeen short review chapters from distinguished experts that have contributed significantly to our knowledge about how prosody develops in first language acquisition.
CILT 342

The Diachrony of Classification Systems

Edited by William B. McGregor and Søren Wichmann
May 2018. xi, 362 pp.
Classification is a popular topic in typological, descriptive and theoretical linguistics. This volume is the first to deal specifically with the diachrony. It comprises original papers that examine the ways in which linguistic classification systems arise, change, and dissipate in both natural circumstances and in circumstances of attrition.

Directional Particles in Cantonese: Form, function, and grammaticalization

Winnie Chor
May 2018. xvii, 239 pp.
This book is the first on Cantonese that deals with the grammaticalization phenomenon systematically. Focusing on a group of twelve directional particles, this book tracks their grammaticalization pathways from full-fledged directional verbs, to directional particles.
CAL 21

Grammaticalization meets Construction Grammar

Edited by Evie Coussé, Peter Andersson and Joel Olofsson
May 2018. vi, 315 pp.
This volume brings together articles that are situated at the intersection of grammaticalization research and diachronic construction grammar.
CLU 21

Growing up on the Trobriand Islands in Papua New Guinea: Childhood and educational ideologies in Tauwema

Barbara Senft and Gunter Senft
May 2018. xxv, 248 pp.
This volume deals with the children’s socialization on the Trobriands.
BTL 140

Key Cultural Texts in Translation

Edited by Kirsten Malmkjær, Adriana Şerban and Fransiska Louwagie
May 2018. xiv, 320 pp.
In the context of increased movement across borders, this book examines how key cultural texts and concepts are transferred between nations and languages as well as across different media. The texts examined in this book are considered fundamental to their source culture and can also take on a particular relevance to other (target) cultures.
LA 247

Linguistic Foundations of Narration in Spoken and Sign Languages

Edited by Annika Hübl and Markus Steinbach
May 2018. xii, 311 pp.
The contributions will appeal to theoretical linguists, sign language linguists, typologists, literary scholars, psycholinguists, and philosophers.

The Nation and the Child: Nation building in Hebrew children’s literature, 1930–1970

Yael Darr
May 2018. xii, 186 pp.
The Nation and the Child – Nation Building in Hebrew Children’s Literature, 1930–1970 is the first comprehensive study to investigate the active role of children’s literature in the intensive cultural project of building a Hebrew nation.
CVS 13

Science and Democracy: Controversies and conflicts

Edited by Pierluigi Barrotta and Giovanni Scarafile
May 2018. viii, 198 pp.
The relationship between science and democracy has become a much-debated issue. This volume explains the reasons for the interest in this, at times troublesome, relationships between science and public opinion which characterize democratic societies.
SCL 83

Tag Questions in Conversation: A typology of their interactional and stance meanings

Ditte Kimps
May 2018. xviii, 250 pp.
This monograph deals with variable tag questions. These are utterances with a variable interrogative tag, like It's peculiar writing, isn't it, and the semi-variable tag innit, such as Nice, innit. The aim is to provide a corpus-based, comprehensive semantic-pragmatic typology of British English tag questions.
NSS 29

Untersuchungen zu den Gründungsdokumenten der färöischen Rechtschreibung: Ein Beitrag zur nordischen Schriftgeschichte

Christer Lindqvist
May 2018. xx, 312 pp. (incl. CD-Rom)
Modern Faroese spelling did not emerge from centuries of literary tradition, but was re-created mainly in the 19th century. Its founding documents consist of four spells written in a relatively orthophone spelling. Prior to their publication in 1864, these were converted into a spelling with orthographic depth along diachronic lines.

Words of Crisis as Words of Power: The jeremiad in American presidential speeches

Marta Neüff
May 2018. xiii, 401 pp.
The volume explores crisis rhetoric in contemporary U.S. American presidential speechmaking. It will be of interest to students and scholars of presidential rhetoric, political communication, sociolinguistics and cultural studies.