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TiLAR 32
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Child L2 Writers

A room of their own

Amparo Lázaro-Ibarrola

Studies on L2 writing tasks with child learners have broken through several barriers in the past few years. Although long considered a solitary task, writing is now regularly done in collaborative pairs and groups as well. New and more comprehensive writing and feedback strategies have been implemented and task... full description
January 2023. xi, 236 pp.
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Desired Language

Languages as objects of national ideology

Edited by Francesc Feliu

National linguistic ideology has been at the base of most historical processes that –whether they are complete or not – have brought us to the current reality: a world of languages that represent, with greater or lesser exactitude, the diversity – and convergences – of human groups. Various of today’s thinkers have... full description
January 2023. vi, 294 pp.
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Emotion in Texts for Children and Young Adults

Moving stories

Edited by Karen Coats and Gretchen Papazian

Emotion in Texts for Children and Young Adults: Moving stories takes up key issues in affect studies while putting forward new approaches and ways of thinking about the intricate entanglements of emotion, affect, and story in relation to the functions, processes, and influences of texts designed for youth. With an... full description
January 2023. x, 242 pp.
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Learning to Read, Learning Religion

Catechism primers in Europe from the sixteenth to the nineteenth centuries

Edited by Britta Juska-Bacher, Matthew Grenby, Tuija Laine and Wendelin Sroka

Catechism primers are inconspicuous but telling little books for children combining the teaching of reading skills and religious catechesis. From the 16th to the 19th centuries, they have been produced, disseminated and used in huge numbers in many regions of the world, in particular in Europe. Remarkably, similar... full description
January 2023. xix, 375 pp.
SAL 12
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Perspectives on Arabic Linguistics XXXIV

Papers from the Annual Symposium on Arabic Linguistics, Tucson, Arizona, 2020

Edited by Mahmoud Azaz

This volume brings together eleven peer-reviewed articles on Arabic linguistics. The contributions fall under three areas of linguistics: Phonology and phonetics; syntax and semantics; and language acquisition, language contact, and diglossia. They reflect some various perspectives and emphases. Including data from... full description
January 2023. vii, 286 pp.
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Verb and Context

The impact of shared knowledge on TAME categories

Edited by Susana Rodríguez Rosique and Jordi M. Antolí Martínez

This volume approaches the interaction of evidentiality with some other related categories, such as modality and mirativity, from an innovative angle: its connection to informational configuration. The aim of this book is to analyze the impact of shared knowledge on TAME categories as well as to explore its reflection... full description
January 2023. xviii, 398 pp.