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Hanne-Ruth Thompson

Bangla (Bengali), an Eastern Indo-Aryan Language, is the national language of Bangladesh with 150 million speakers and the state language of Paschim Banga (West Bengal) in India with 90 million speakers. There are sizeable communities of Bengalis scattered all over the world. Altogether, the number of native speakers... full description
November 2012. xxviii, 384 pp.
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John Haiman

Cambodian is in many respects a typical Southeast Asian language, whose syntax at least on first acquaintance seems to approximate that of any SVO pidgin. On closer acquaintance, however, because of the richness of its idioms, the language seems to be a forbiddingly alien form of “Desesperanto” – a language of which... full description
September 2011. xix, 425 pp.
LAL 17
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Cognitive Grammar in Literature

Edited by Chloe Harrison, Louise Nuttall, Peter Stockwell and Wenjuan Yuan

This is the first book to present an account of literary meaning and effects drawing on our best understanding of mind and language in the form of a Cognitive Grammar. The contributors provide exemplary analyses of a range of literature from science fiction, dystopia, absurdism and graphic novels to the poetry of... full description
April 2014. xiv, 255 pp.
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Contemporary Approaches to Second Language Acquisition

Edited by María del Pilar García Mayo, María Juncal Gutiérrez Mangado and María Martínez-Adrián

Second language acquisition (SLA) is a field of inquiry that has increased in importance since the 1960s. Currently, researchers adopt multiple perspectives in the analysis of learner language, all of them providing different but complementary answers to the understanding of oral and written data produced by young and... full description
February 2013. xiii, 265 pp.
Z 184
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The Discourse Studies Reader

Main currents in theory and analysis

Edited by Johannes Angermuller, Dominique Maingueneau and Ruth Wodak

Discourse Studies is an interdisciplinary field studying the social production of meaning across the entire spectrum of the social sciences and humanities. The Discourse Studies Reader brings together 40 key readings from discourse researchers in Europe and North America, some of which are now translated into English... full description
June 2014. ix, 417 pp.
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Yamuna Kachru

This book presents the structure of Hindi keeping in view the sociolinguistic context of language use. It includes descriptions of sounds, devices of word formation, rules of phrase and sentence construction and conventions of language use in spoken and written texts incorporating the insights gained by application of... full description
October 2006. xxi, 309 pp.
Z 183
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A History of the English Language

Revised edition

Elly van Gelderen

The English language in its complex shapes and forms changes fast. This thoroughly revised edition has been refreshed with current examples of change and has been updated regarding archeological research. Most suggestions brought up by users and reviewers have been incorporated, for instance, a family tree for... full description
April 2014. xx, 338 pp.
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Instructed Second Language Acquisition Research Methods

Edited by Laura Gurzynski-Weiss and YouJin Kim

Written for novice and established scholars alike, Instructed Second Language Acquisition Research Methods is a stand-alone research methods guide from an Instructed Second Language Acquisition (ISLA) lens. After offering foundations of conducting ISLA research, the subsequent chapters are organized by four skill... full description
December 2022. xxiv, 388 pp.
LL&LT 39
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Forty years later

Edited by ZhaoHong Han and Elaine Tarone

Few works in the field of second language acquisition (SLA) can endure multiple reads, but Selinker's (1972) "Interlanguage" is a clear exception. Written at the inception of the field, this paper delineates a disciplinary scope; asks penetrating questions; advances daring hypotheses; and proposes a first-ever... full description
April 2014. vii, 255 pp.
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Introducing Chinese Linguistics

A handbook for Chinese language teachers and learners

Hang Zhang and Lan Zhang

This book provides a comprehensive introduction to the fundamentals of Chinese linguistics, including the core components of phonetics and phonology, morphology, syntax, writing system, and social cultural aspects of the language. It also discusses key features of Chinese language acquisition in each of these areas,... full description
December 2022. xx, 283 pp.
Z 241
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Introduction to Healthcare for Turkish-speaking Interpreters and Translators

Ineke H.M. Crezee, Oktay Eser and Fatih Karakaş

Health interpreters and translators often face unpredictable assignments in the multifaceted healthcare setting. This book is based on the very popular international publication (Crezee, 2013) and has been supplemented with commonly asked questions and glossaries in Turkish. Turkish is the home language of a very... full description
November 2022. xxxii, 423 pp.
LL&LT 58
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L2 Pragmatics in Action

Teachers, learners and the teaching-learning interaction process

Edited by Alicia Martínez-Flor, Ariadna Sánchez-Hernández and Júlia Barón

This is the first edited volume dedicated to both teachers and learners of second/foreign language (L2) pragmatics. It comprises a collection of studies that explore how teachers background and practices, and individual learners differences contribute to the teaching and learning of L2 pragmatics. Also included are... full description
Expected April 2023. xxii, 343 pp.
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Methods in Study Abroad Research

Past, present, and future

Edited by Carmen Pérez-Vidal and Cristina Sanz

Study abroad research has become an established area of inquiry with theoretical impact and methodological sophistication. The field has incorporated the different approaches and methodological changes that have characterized SLA scholarship, including technological advances and new designs. The present volume... full description
February 2023. ix, 393 pp.
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Juha A. Janhunen

Mongolian is the principal language spoken by some five million ethnic Mongols living in Outer and Inner Mongolia, as well as in adjacent parts of Russia and China. The spoken language is divided into a number of mutually intelligible dialects, while for writing two separate written languages are used: Cyrillic... full description
November 2012. xv, 320 pp.
SCL 48
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Perspectives on Corpus Linguistics

Edited by Vander Viana, Sonia Zyngier and Geoff Barnbrook

Perspectives on Corpus Linguistics is a collection of interviews with fourteen well-known researchers in the field of linguistics. Each interview consists of a set of ten questions: the first seven are common to all contributors while the last three are connected to the research experience of each guest. In the... full description
December 2011. xvi, 256 pp.
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Processing Perspectives on Task Performance

Edited by Peter Skehan

Understanding how second language task-based performance can be raised is vital for progress with task-based approaches to instruction. The chapters in this volume all attempt to advance this understanding, and do so within a viewpoint which assumes limited attentional capacities and accounts for second language... full description
April 2014. xii, 266 pp.
SCL 51
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Quantitative Methods in Corpus-Based Translation Studies

A practical guide to descriptive translation research

Edited by Michael P. Oakes and Meng Ji

This is a comprehensive guidebook to the quantitative methods needed for Corpus-Based Translation Studies (CBTS). It provides a systematic description of the various statistical tests used in Corpus Linguistics which can be used in translation research. In Part 1, Theoretical Explorations, the interplay between... full description
March 2012. x, 361 pp.
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Dileep Chandralal

Sinhala is one of the official languages of Sri Lanka and the mother tongue of over 70% of the population. Outside Sri Lanka it is used among immigrant populations in the U.K., North America, Australia and some European and Middle Eastern countries. As for the genetic relation, it belongs to the Indo-Aryan branch of... full description
August 2010. xv, 296 pp.
LL&LT 36
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Technology in Interlanguage Pragmatics Research and Teaching

Edited by Naoko Taguchi and Julie M. Sykes

Technology-informed approaches to L2 research and teaching have prompted great interest by both researchers and practitioners alike. This book highlights the relationship between digitally-mediated technologies and second language pragmatics by presenting exemplary applications of technology for both research and... full description
June 2013. viii, 276 pp.