Amália Mendes

List of John Benjamins publications for which Amália Mendes plays a role.


Mendes, Amália, Deniz Zeyrek and Giedrė Oles̆kevic̆ienė. 2023. Explicitness and implicitness of discourse relations in a multilingual discourse bank. Continuative and contrastive discourse relations across discourse domains: Cognitive and cross-linguistic approaches, Klumm, Matthias, Anita Fetzer and Evelien Keizer (eds.), pp. 67–91
Proposals such as continuity and causality-by-default relate the level of expectedness of a relation to its linguistic marking as an explicit or implicit relation. We investigate these two proposals with regard to the English transcripts of six TED Talks and their Lithuanian, Portuguese and Turkish… read more | Article
The present research describes how the PDTB style of discourse annotation has been applied to transcribed TED Talks in the TED-MDB corpus, which include multifunctional elements such as well and so. The occurrence of these two markers is analyzed in English in comparison to the way they are… read more | Chapter
Bacelar do Nascimento, Maria Fernanda, Amália Mendes and Sandra Antunes. 2006. Typologies of MultiWord Expressions Revisited: A Corpus-driven Approach. Spoken Language Corpus and Linguistic Informatics, Kawaguchi, Yuji, Susumu Zaima and Toshihiro Takagaki (eds.), pp. 227–244