Galit W. Sassoon

List of John Benjamins publications for which Galit W. Sassoon plays a role.


Fadlon, Julie, Galit W. Sassoon and Petra B. Schumacher. 2018. Discrete dimension accessibility in multidimensional concepts: The noun-adjective distinction. The Mental Lexicon 13:1, pp. 105–142
Previous studies have identified that conceptual categories corresponding to nouns exhibit semantic domain effects: (1) classification into biological ones reflects a non-additive consideration of their defining dimensions whereas classification into artefactual and, presumably, social nouns is… read more | Article
Sassoon, Galit W. 2011. Adjectival vs. nominal categorization processes: The Rule vs. Similarity hypothesis. Cognitive and Empirical Pragmatics: Issues and perspectives, Bochner, Gregory, Philippe De Brabanter, Mikhail Kissine and Daniela Rossi (eds.), pp. 104–147
Classification of entities into categories can be determined based on a rule – a single criterion or relatively few criteria combined with logical operations like ‘and’ or ‘or’. Alternatively, classification can be based on similarity to prototypical examples, i.e. an overall degree of match to… read more | Article