Tabea Reiner

List of John Benjamins publications for which Tabea Reiner plays a role.


Reiner, Tabea 2021 Comparative concepts are not a different kind of thingLinguistic Categories, Language Description and Linguistic Typology, Alfieri, Luca, Giorgio Francesco Arcodia and Paolo Ramat (eds.), pp. 211–248
This contribution challenges the by now established notion of comparative concepts; in particular, it can be read as a (delayed) response to Haspelmath (2010). Like Haspelmath’s original paper, the present one is theoretical in essence, with examples used primarily for illustration. My main point… read more | Chapter
In this paper, I take widely varying data on the occurrence and acceptability of overt future infinitives in German as evidence for their current emergence. Such a change, however, seems to conflict with a (tentative) prediction from Canonical Typology: Temporally marked infinitives are less… read more | Chapter