Bridget D. Samuels

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Beyond Markedness in Formal Phonology

Edited by Bridget D. Samuels

[Linguistik Aktuell/Linguistics Today, 241] 2017. xii, 237 pp.
Subjects Phonology | Theoretical linguistics


Samuels, Bridget D. 2017 IntroductionBeyond Markedness in Formal Phonology, Samuels, Bridget D. (ed.), pp. ix–xii
Vaux, Bert and Bridget D. Samuels 2017 Chapter 4. Consonant epenthesis and markednessBeyond Markedness in Formal Phonology, Samuels, Bridget D. (ed.), pp. 69–100
Samuels, Bridget D. 2012 The emergence of phonological formsTowards a Biolinguistic Understanding of Grammar: Essays on interfaces, Di Sciullo, Anna Maria (ed.), pp. 193–214
As it becomes increasingly clear that language emerged suddenly in our species over the space of less than 100,000 years, the pressure to understand how the externalization system could have been ‘language-ready’ prior to the emergence of syntax grows as well. Phonology, like other components of… read more | Article