Gregory T. Stump

List of John Benjamins publications for which Gregory T. Stump plays a role.


Stump, Gregory T. 2021 Chapter 14. Conditional exponenceAll Things Morphology: Its independence and its interfaces, Moradi, Sedigheh, Marcia Haag, Janie Rees-Miller and Andrija Petrovic (eds.), pp. 255–278
In inferential-realizational theories of morphology, the content realized by the application of a rule of exponence is customarily assumed to be invariant across the range of contexts in which that rule applies. Yet, there are morphomic exponents whose content is sensitive to context; Breton verb… read more | Chapter
Stump, Gregory T. 2016 Paradigms at the interface of a lexeme’s syntax and semantics with its inflectional morphologyMorphological Metatheory, Siddiqi, Daniel and Heidi Harley (eds.), pp. 27–58
The interface of a language’s syntax and semantics with its inflectional morphology is quite constrained: canonically, the morphosyntactic property set that determines a word form’s use and interpretation in a particular syntactic context also determines its inflectional shape in that context.… read more | Article
Stump, Gregory T. 2014 Morphosyntactic property sets at the interface of inflectional morphology, syntax and semanticsMorphology and its interfaces: Syntax, semantics and the lexicon, Amiot, Dany, Delphine Tribout, Natalia Grabar, Cédric Patin and Fayssal Tayalati (eds.), pp. 290–305
The morphosyntactic property set associated with the syntactic node occupied by a word form is not invariably identical to the property set determining that word form’s inflection, as evidence from Bhojpuri, Turkish, Sanskrit and Hua shows. The difference between syntactic property sets and their… read more | Article