Hans Verrept

List of John Benjamins publications for which Hans Verrept plays a role.


Bot, Hanneke and Hans Verrept. 2013. Role issues in the Low Countries: Interpreting in mental healthcare in the Netherlands and Belgium. Interpreting in a Changing Landscape: Selected papers from Critical Link 6, Schäffner, Christina, Krzysztof Kredens and Yvonne Fowler (eds.), pp. 117–131
In this paper, the focus is on different forms of interpreting and intercultural mediation in mental healthcare. The various ways in which professional language assistance and intercultural mediation is provided in the Low Countries (the Netherlands and Belgium) is described. Each way has its own… read more | Article
In this article, the results of two evaluation studies of the intercultural mediation program in Belgian health care are presented. From the first study it became clear that the program led to an important increase in the quality of care if adequate use was made of the intercultural mediators’… read more | Article