Karin Vilar Sánchez

List of John Benjamins publications for which Karin Vilar Sánchez plays a role.


The role of the interlinguistic-intercultural and social mediator (IISM) is acquiring increasing relevance in societies that receive immigrants. Nevertheless, training has not yet been regulated. This article analyses the specific linguistic needs and practices of such mediators in the context of… read more | Article
This paper presents a corpus-based study about differences in micro-function combination patterns in German and Spanish warranties for household appliances. Firstly the micro-functional text analysis approach is described. This methodology makes feasible an empirically motivated stylistic… read more | Article
In the present research project funded by the Spanish Ministry of Education and Culture we are working on the elaboration of a contrastive functional-communicative grammar (Spanish-German) for translators and/or interpreters on CD Rom which is considered a valuable working tool for this group. It… read more | Article