Graham Ranger

List of John Benjamins publications for which Graham Ranger plays a role.


The current article considers the linguistic representation of surprise in English within the framework of the Theory of Enunciative and Predicative Operations. English appears not to have any markers specialised in the expression of surprise. Here I argue that English does nonetheless possess… read more | Chapter
This chapter focuses on the sequence ‘I think’ as a discourse marker, used in evidential or epistemic contexts. ‘I think’ is seen to assume a variety of different values, which Kaltenböck (2010), among others, identifies as “shielding”, “approximator”, “structural” or “booster” functions. I… read more | Chapter
Ranger, Graham. 2007. Continuity and discontinuity in discourse: Notes on yet and still. Connectives as Discourse Landmarks, Celle, Agnès and Ruth Huart (eds.), pp. 177–194