Dimitrios Ntelitheos

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Experimental Arabic Linguistics

Edited by Dimitrios Ntelitheos and Tommi Tsz-Cheung Leung

[Studies in Arabic Linguistics, 10] 2021. vii, 249 pp.
Subjects Afro-Asiatic languages | Theoretical linguistics


This paper presents initial results on the acquisition trajectory of the definite determiner əl- in Emirati Arabic. It is shown that Emirati children follow a maturational process sporadically producing target-like fully inflected DPs early on, but dropping determiners frequently in obligatory… read more | Chapter
Ntelitheos, Dimitrios and Tommi Tsz-Cheung Leung. 2021. Introduction: Experimental approaches to Arabic linguistics. Experimental Arabic Linguistics, Ntelitheos, Dimitrios and Tommi Tsz-Cheung Leung (eds.), pp. 1–20
This study calculates developmental indices of language growth in Emirati Arabic based on a two-year longitudinal corpus collected from six Emirati children.1 The target indices include Mean Length of Utterance in morphemes and words (MLUm and MLUw), utterance-per-turn counts (UoT),… read more | Chapter