Seth Mehl

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This paper demonstrates the value of studying co-occurrence ‘quads’ – constellations of four non-adjacent lemmas that consistently co-occur across spans of up to 100 tokens – for understanding discursive change. We map meaning onto quads as ‘discursive concepts’, which encompass encyclopaedic… read more | Article
This paper introduces a previously undiscussed English construction, termed the make us difficult construction. Examples of the construction are presented, from the International Corpus of English and the Corpus of Global Web-Based English, and a quantitative analysis is conducted of the… read more | Article
Fitzmaurice, Susan, Justyna A. Robinson, Marc Alexander, Iona C. Hine, Seth Mehl and Fraser Dallachy 2017 Reading into the past: Materials and methods in historical semantics researchExploring Future Paths for Historical Sociolinguistics, Säily, Tanja, Arja Nurmi, Minna Palander-Collin and Anita Auer (eds.), pp. 53–82
The Linguistic DNA project investigates concepts in early modern England and adopts a bottom-up approach to query whether the key concepts intuited by historians of ideas are manifested in the printed discourse of the time. By applying computational methods and close reading to Early English Books… read more | Chapter