Carla Contemori

List of John Benjamins publications for which Carla Contemori plays a role.


Theories of language development differ on how the development of syntax and its mapping to semantics are conceived. An important question in child language research is about the nature and scope of children’s syntactic representations and how they develop over time. In the last sixteen years,… read more | Chapter
In two eye tracking experiments, we investigate how adult child-L2 speakers of English resolve prepositional phrase (PP) attachment ambiguity in their dominant language (English), and whether they use prosodic information to aid in the process of garden-path recovery. The findings showed an… read more | Article
Contemori, Carla, Lena Dal Pozzo and Simona Matteini 2015 Resolving pronominal anaphora in real-time: A comparison between Italian native and near-native speakersStructures, Strategies and Beyond: Studies in honour of Adriana Belletti, Di Domenico, Elisa, Cornelia Hamann and Simona Matteini (eds.), pp. 257–276
This study aims at contributing to research on the comprehension of pronominal subjects by adding novel evidence through an on-line experiment. A self-paced reading task designed for testing antecedent assignment with forward anaphora is used to compare processing of null and overt pronouns in… read more | Article
In Spanish locative constructions, a different form of the copula is selected in relation to the semantic properties of the grammatical subject: sentences that locate objects require estar while those that locate events require ser (both translated in English as ‘to be’). In an ERP study, we… read more | Article