Klaar Vanopstal

List of John Benjamins publications for which Klaar Vanopstal plays a role.


This paper explores ongoing processes of verb regularisation (see Lieberman et al. 2007) in British, American and Indian English in a selection of thirteen verbs that allow both irregular (t) and regular (ed) forms. We examine the extent to which inter- and intra-varietal differences reflect the… read more | Article
Hoste, Véronique, Klaar Vanopstal, Els Lefever and Isabelle Delaere. 2010. Classification-based scientific term detection in patient information. Terminology 16:1, pp. 1–29
Although intended for the “average layman”, both in terms of readability and contents, the current patient information still contains many scientific terms. Different studies have concluded that the use of scientific terminology is one of the factors, which greatly influences the readability of… read more | Article