Pablo Robles García

List of John Benjamins publications for which Pablo Robles García plays a role.


This study presents the development and validation of a 132-item Spanish-English bilingual multiple-choice vocabulary test based on the 3,000 most frequent lemmas that distinguishes between North American university students who satisfy the Foreign Language requirement and those who need to… read more | Article
Sanchez-Gutierrez, Claudia H., Nausica Marcos and Pablo Robles García. 2020. What derivational suffixes should we teach in Spanish as a Second Language courses?. Hispanic Linguistics: Current issues and new directions, Morales-Front, Alfonso, Michael J. Ferreira, Ronald P. Leow and Cristina Sanz (eds.), pp. 75–94
Morphological awareness in a second language (L2) enhances depth of vocabulary knowledge and is better developed when taught explicitly than by mere exposure to morphologically complex words. However, suffixes are not sufficiently treated in L2 textbooks, and little is known about which suffixes… read more | Chapter