Kieran O'Halloran

List of John Benjamins publications for which Kieran O'Halloran plays a role.


In the article, I model an alternative critical discourse analysis (CDA) pedagogy which is based on an ethical subjectivity instead of a political subjectivity. Aimed at undergraduates, it facilitates critical purchase on arguments which attack the standpoint of relatively powerless… read more | Article
This article introduces a corpus-based procedure for revealing tensions in a text which seeks to persuade an audience into a particular point of view on a particular topic, tensions which may otherwise be difficult to see; the text is thus deconstructed and loses credibility. I refer to this… read more | Article
Coffin, Caroline and Kieran O'Halloran 2006 The role of appraisal and corpora in detecting covert evaluationFunctions of Language 13:1, pp. 77–110
‘Dog-whistle politics’ is a phrase that has recently been coined to capture a form of covert evaluation. This is where political communication seemingly uses neutral meanings but where in fact a negative message is likely to be ‘heard’ by the target community (Manning 2004). This article explores… read more | Article