Anne Tortel

List of John Benjamins publications for which Anne Tortel plays a role.


Herment, Sophie and Anne Tortel 2021 Chapter 8. The intonation contour of non-finality revisited: Implications for EFL teachingEnglish Pronunciation Instruction: Research-based insights, Kirkova-Naskova, Anastazija, Alice Henderson and Jonás Fouz-González (eds.), pp. 175–196
It is well documented that in English falling contours are associated with final statements and rising contours with yes-no questions and continuation. Our analyses of the speech of native speakers show that falls dominate in read speech and are widely used non-finally. This has important… read more | Chapter
Tortel, Anne 2013 Prosody in a contrastive learner corpusAutomatic Treatment and Analysis of Learner Corpus Data, Díaz-Negrillo, Ana, Nicolas Ballier and Paul Thompson (eds.), pp. 227–248
This article presents the detailed description, constitution and rhythm analyses of an oral English L1/L2 learner corpus spoken by both native speakers of British English (L1) and French learners of English (L2). This contrastive learner database called ANGLISH was designed at the University of… read more | Article