Barbara Pfeiler

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The fact that ergative-absolutive inflectional morphology applies to nouns as well as to verbs in Yucatec Maya obscures the boundary between nouns and verbs, and makes it difficult for children to acquire the distinction between them. Acquisition is particularly difficult for the category of action… read more | Chapter
Brown, Penelope, Barbara Pfeiler, Lourdes de León and Clifton Pye. 2013. The acquisition of agreement in four 
Mayan languages. The Acquisition of Ergativity, Bavin, Edith L. and Sabine Stoll (eds.), pp. 271–306
This paper presents results of a comparative project documenting the development of verbal agreement inflections in children learning four different Mayan languages: K’iche’, Tzeltal, Tzotzil, and Yukatek. These languages have similar inflectional paradigms: they have a generally agglutinative… read more | Article
Pye, Clifton, Barbara Pfeiler and Pedro Mateo Pedro. 2013. The acquisition of extended ergativity in Mam, Q’anjob’al and Yucatec. The Acquisition of Ergativity, Bavin, Edith L. and Sabine Stoll (eds.), pp. 307–336
Ergativity in Mayan languages is realized in the cross-referencing features on verbs rather than as case marking features on noun phrases. Overt absolutive markers appear with intransitive verbs. Some Mayan languages extend the ergative markers to intransitive verbs in aspectless complement clauses. read more | Article