Marco A. Aquino-López

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Stifter, David, Fangzhe Qiu, Marco A. Aquino-López, Bernhard Bauer, Elliott Lash and Nora White 2022 Strategies in tracing linguistic variation in a corpus of Old Irish texts (CorPH)Corpus studies of language through time: Special issue of the International Journal of Corpus Linguistics 27:4 (2022), McEnery, Tony, Gavin Brookes and Isobelle Clarke (eds.), pp. 529–553 | Article
This article introduces Corpus PalaeoHibernicum (CorPH), a corpus currently consisting of 78 texts in Early Irish (c. 7th–10th cent.) created by the ERC-funded Chronologicon Hibernicum (ChronHib) project by bringing together pre-existing lexical and syntactic databases and adding further crucial… read more