Vida Samiian

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Advances in Iranian Linguistics

Edited by Richard K. Larson, Sedigheh Moradi and Vida Samiian

[Current Issues in Linguistic Theory, 351] 2020. vi, 309 pp.
Subjects Other Indo-European languages | Syntax | Theoretical linguistics
Subjects Generative linguistics | Syntax | Theoretical linguistics


Samiian, Vida and Richard K. Larson 2023 Chapter 4. Middle Persian EzafeAdvances in Iranian Linguistics II, Karimi, Simin, Narges Nematollahi, Roya Kabiri and Jian Gang Ngui (eds.), pp. 100–129
This chapter describes one phase of the historical development of the “Ezafe” morpheme, a significant feature of Western Iranian languages. Ezafe is argued to have arisen in Middle Persian (MP) by a reanalysis of the Old Persian relative pronoun ‘haya’ due to a preponderance of copula-less… read more | Chapter
Larson, Richard K. and Vida Samiian 2020 Chapter 10. The Ezafe construction revisitedAdvances in Iranian Linguistics, Larson, Richard K., Sedigheh Moradi and Vida Samiian (eds.), pp. 173–236
This chapter addresses the nature, distribution and function of the Ezafe morpheme, a distinguishing grammatical feature of many of the Iranian languages. We review three main analyses advanced in the wide literature on the subject: semantic, morphological, and syntactic. We argue that the… read more | Chapter
Karimi, Simin, Vida Samiian and Wendy K. Wilkins 2007 Phrasal and clausal architecture: Syntactic description and interpretationPhrasal and Clausal Architecture: Syntactic derivation and interpretation, Karimi, Simin, Vida Samiian and Wendy K. Wilkins (eds.), pp. 1–7