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Variation in C: Comparative approaches to the Complementizer Phrase

Edited by Jacopo Garzonio and Silvia Rossi

Special issue of Linguistic Variation 18:2 (2018) v, 225 pp.
Subjects Generative linguistics | Typology


Rossi, Silvia and Cecilia Poletto 2022 Bare quantifiers and Verb Second: The view from Old ItalianLanguage Change at the Interfaces: Intrasentential and intersentential phenomena, Catasso, Nicholas, Marco Coniglio and Chiara De Bastiani (eds.), pp. 95–122
The pre-participial syntax of the bare quantifiers tutto ‘everything’, molto ‘much’ and niente ‘nothing’ in Old Italian has been argued to be determined by the optional or obligatory presence of a classifier-like category n° in their internal structures (Poletto 2014; Garzonio & Poletto 2017, 2018). read more | Chapter
Garzonio, Jacopo and Silvia Rossi 2019 Can structural deficiency be parametrized? Oblique pronouns in old Tuscan varietiesItalian Dialectology at the Interfaces, Cruschina, Silvio, Adam Ledgeway and Eva-Maria Remberger (eds.), pp. 113–130
This paper discusses the microvariation in the distribution of deficient pronouns (Cardinaletti and Starke 1999) in old Tuscan texts, in particular of the 3pl dative forms derived from Lat. illorum ‘of those ones’, with the intent to understand if structural deficiency is subject to a predictable… read more | Chapter
Garzonio, Jacopo and Silvia Rossi 2018 Chapter 14. Clitics and vowel epenthesis: A case studyStructuring Variation in Romance Linguistics and Beyond: In honour of Leonardo M. Savoia, Grimaldi, Mirko, Rosangela Lai, Ludovico Franco and Benedetta Baldi (eds.), pp. 215–222
Syncope and epenthesis have been treated as two closely related phenomena in traditional accounts: what syncope destroys, epenthesis restores. In this paper we present some cases of vowel epenthesis in the verbal domain in some Northern Emilian varieties where both syncope and epenthesis are rather… read more | Chapter
Garzonio, Jacopo and Silvia Rossi 2018 Complementizers and variation in the CPVariation in C: Comparative approaches to the Complementizer Phrase, Garzonio, Jacopo and Silvia Rossi (eds.), pp. 205–214
Garzonio, Jacopo and Silvia Rossi 2016 Case in Italian complex PPsRomance Languages and Linguistic Theory 10: Selected papers from 'Going Romance' 28, Lisbon, Carrilho, Ernestina, Alexandra Fiéis, Maria Lobo and Sandra Pereira (eds.), pp. 121–138
This paper discusses complex Italian prepositional structures (PPs) involving a lexical P followed by a functional P, in particular a ‘to, at’ and di ‘of’, as in sopra (a) un tavolo “on (to) a table”, and analyzes them in a split-PP framework. Di and a in complex PPs may alternate between them or… read more | Article
The paper addresses the distribution of preposition-drop with the noun casa ‘home’ in the spatial adpositions of some Northern Italian varieties. It is shown that in these varieties P-less home behaves syntactically as a locative adverb, which under specific circumstances, becomes a particle. It is… read more | Article