Jiří Milička

List of John Benjamins publications for which Jiří Milička plays a role.


Malá, Markéta, Denisa Šebestová and Jiří Milička 2021 The expression of time in English and Czech children’s literature: A contrastive phraseological perspectiveTime in Languages, Languages in Time, Čermáková, Anna, Thomas Egan, Hilde Hasselgård and Sylvi Rørvik (eds.), pp. 283–304
This chapter explores the expression of the concept of time in children’s narrative fiction cross-linguistically, comparing Czech and English. Specifically, it analyses multi-word units and patterns which the respective languages employ when referring to time. The new Engrammer software was… read more | Chapter
Matlach, Vladimír, Diego Gabriel Krivochen and Jiří Milička 2021 A method for the comparison of general sequences via type-token ratioLanguage and Text: Data, models, information and applications, Pawłowski, Adam, Jan Mačutek, Sheila Embleton and George Mikros (eds.), pp. 37–54
This article proposes a new method for analyzing and comparing general linear sequences with the minimum prior knowledge on the sequences needed. Sequence analysis is a broad problem studied by various fields from sociology and computer security to linguistics or biology. The method presented here… read more | Chapter
Milička, Jiří and Alžběta Houzar Růžičková 2021 Phonological properties as predictors of text successLanguage and Text: Data, models, information and applications, Pawłowski, Adam, Jan Mačutek, Sheila Embleton and George Mikros (eds.), pp. 177–194
In this study, the relation of phoneme structure and success rate of Czech texts is investigated. The study is based upon two phenomena: (1) the beauty-in-averageness effect and (2) the euphony principle. The main objective is to examine whether one or the other prevails in the perception of… read more | Chapter
Milička, Jiří, Václav Cvrček and Lucie Lukešová 2021 Modelling crosslinguistic n‑gram correspondence in typologically different languagesLanguages in Contrast 21:2, pp. 217–249
N‑gram analysis (popularized e.g. by Biber et al., 1999) has become a popular method for the identification of recurrent language patterns. Although the extraction of n‑grams from a corpus may seem straightforward, it proves to be very challenging when applied cross-linguistically (cf. e.g. Ebeling… read more | Article
Diatka, Vojtěch and Jiří Milička 2017 The effect of iconicity flash blindness: An empirical studyDimensions of Iconicity, Zirker, Angelika, Matthias Bauer, Olga Fischer and Christina Ljungberg (eds.), pp. 3–14
In our experiment, the Saussurean postulate of arbitrariness has been empirically tested in order to see whether it can be applied to all words to the same extent. Three hundred participants were asked to match Czech words with their Hindi translations. One set of words was randomly chosen from a… read more | Chapter