Waidi Sinun

List of John Benjamins publications for which Waidi Sinun plays a role.


Inoue, Yoichi, Waidi Sinun and Kazuo Okanoya. 2019. Copulation calls in wild Mueller’s gibbons (Hylobates muelleri): A case study. Interaction Studies 20:2, pp. 362–374
Mating activity of a wild Mueller’s gibbon group (Hylobates muelleri) was observed in the Danum Valley Conservation Area, Sabah, Malaysia. The purpose of this study was to investigate the function of copulation calls in gibbons. The female emitted copulation calls at the time of intromission and… read more | Squib
Inoue, Yoichi, Waidi Sinun, Shigeto Yosida and Kazuo Okanoya. 2017. Combinatory rules and chunk structure in male Mueller’s gibbon songs. Interaction Studies 18:1, pp. 1–25
Understanding whether the long and elaborate songs of male gibbons (Hylobates muelleri) have syntax and hierarchical structures (chunks) is an interesting question in the evolution of language, because gibbons are near humans in the phylogenetic tree and a hierarchically organized syntax is… read more | Article
Inoue, Yoichi, Waidi Sinun, Shigeto Yosida and Kazuo Okanoya. 2013. Intergroup and intragroup antiphonal songs in wild male Mueller’s gibbons (Hylobates muelleri). Interaction Studies 14:1, pp. 24–43
Mueller’s gibbons (Hylobates muelleri) sing both sex-specific and duet songs. These songs are thought to be involved in territory maintenance, as well as the maintenance of pair or family bonds. However, few observational studies have examined how gibbons interact with their neighbors through song… read more | Article