Claudia Wegener

List of John Benjamins publications for which Claudia Wegener plays a role.


Margetts, Anna, Katharina Haude, Nikolaus P. Himmelmann, Dagmar Jung, Sonja Riesberg, Stefan Schnell, Frank Seifart, Harriet Sheppard and Claudia Wegener 2022 Cross-linguistic patterns in the lexicalisation of bring and takeStudies in Language 46:4, pp. 934–993
This study investigates the linguistic expression of bring and take events and more generally of the semantic domain of directed caused accompanied motion (‘directed CAM’) across a sample of eight languages of the Pacific and the Americas. Unlike English, the majority of languages in our sample… read more | Article
Directed caused accompanied motion events in Savosavo are expressed by means of multi-verb expressions. The main strategy is the use of serial verb constructions (especially ‑au ’take/caus’ combined with a directional verb). Minor strategies are subordination of a single verb into a main clause or… read more | Chapter
Bressem, Jana and Claudia Wegener 2021 Handling talk: A cross-linguistic perspective on discursive functions of gestures in German and SavosavoRecurrent Gestures, Harrison, Simon, Silva H. Ladewig and Jana Bressem (eds.), pp. 219–253
This paper discusses how a particular type of recurrent gesture, the holding away gesture, highlights and structures spoken utterances in German and Savosavo, a Papuan language spoken in Solomon Islands in the Southwest Pacific. In particular, the paper poses the following questions: What kinds of… read more | Article
Bressem, Jana, Nicole Stein and Claudia Wegener 2017 Multimodal language use in Savosavo: Refusing, excluding and negating with speech and gesturePragmatics 27:2, pp. 173–206
Departing from a short overview on pragmatic gestures specialized for the expression of refusal and negation, the article presents first results of a study on those gestures in Savosavo, a Papuan language spoken in the Solomon Islands in the Southwest Pacific. The paper focuses on two partly… read more | Article
Wegener, Claudia 2011 12. Expression of reciprocity in SavosavoReciprocals and Semantic Typology, Evans, Nicholas, Alice Gaby, Stephen C. Levinson and Asifa Majid (eds.), pp. 213–224
This paper describes how reciprocity is expressed in the Papuan (i.e. non-Austronesian­) language Savosavo, spoken in the Solomon Islands. The main strategy is to use the reciprocal nominal mapamapa, which can occur in different NP positions and always triggers default third person singular… read more | Article