Vassil Mostrov

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This study focuses on French and English abstract nouns denoting properties that can be ascribed to humans, such as beauty, carefulness and anger. Previous research showed that some but not all of these nouns are licensed in both locative existentials (e.g., There’s an intense anger in Isabella)… read more | Article
Mostrov, Vassil. 2010. Inalienable possession in French and in Bulgarian. French Syntax in Contrast, Lahousse, Karen, Béatrice Lamiroy and Kristel Van Goethem (eds.), pp. 239–252
In this paper I try to find the ways of expression of Inalienable possession (IA) in Bulgarian, in comparison with French. I discuss the morphology and the interpretation of the determiners of these two languages, likely to function as A-bound morphemes according to Guéron’s (1985, 2005) binding… read more | Article