Manuel Delicado Cantero

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This paper analyzes the syntactic and semantic changes undergone by the PP sin embargo ‘without obstacle/impediment’ as it develops its clause-taking properties in Spanish from the 12th to the 16th centuries, essential for its further reanalysis as a concessive connective. We argue against an… read more | Chapter
Delicado Cantero, Manuel. 2014. Dequeísmo and queísmo in Portuguese 
and Spanish. Portuguese-Spanish Interfaces: Diachrony, synchrony, and contact, Amaral, Patrícia and Ana Maria Carvalho (eds.), pp. 95–120
This chapter explores the nature and scope of two non-normative phenomena typical of Portuguese and Spanish: dequeísmo and queísmo. In so doing, it concentrates on specific goals: to establish coherent definitions for both languages that provide a lens through which to re-examine the data, to test… read more | Article