Jonathan Crichton

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This chapter explores the distinctive features of the Multiperspectival Approach (MPA) to research: its theoretical and philosophical background, the questions it addresses, and the research orientations it enables. The chapter explains how MPA offers researchers a heuristic that addresses… read more | Chapter
This chapter provides a detailed account of the researcher’s journey as they employ the Multiperspectival Approach (MPA) to investigate the interplay between communicative and creative practices within a university art and design studio. The chapter identifies the key reasons that attracted the… read more | Chapter
O'Neill, Fiona, Jonathan Crichton and Angela Scarino 2019 Developing intercultural learning capabilities: A case study in higher educationLanguage and Intercultural Communication Pedagogies in Australian Higher Education, Moore, Paul J. and Adriana Díaz (eds.), pp. 125–145
This paper reports on a semester-long study that explored the experience of a group of local and international students from multiple disciplines, and their teachers, in a core Intercultural Communication undergraduate course of 550 students in which there is an orientation to learning, teaching… read more | Article
In this paper we explore the provision of applied linguistics within Australian universities. We focus on how the ‘what’ of applied linguistics, as captured in scholarly definitions of the discipline, accords with the ‘where’, as captured in potential contexts of application as these are manifested… read more | Article
Studies from a range of disciplinary perspectives have highlighted how the public rhetoric of the Bush administration has shaped the representation of the conflict which has followed 9/11. However, the literature in this area raises but does not itself address the question of how the… read more | Article
The internationalisation of education has become a major focus of international, national and institutional attention, reflected in a substantial and expanding literature on how internationalisation is manifested, how it might be promoted, its implications for areas such as government policy,… read more | Article