Michaela Hilbert

List of John Benjamins publications for which Michaela Hilbert plays a role.


Deuber, Dagmar, Carolin Biewer, Stephanie Hackert and Michaela Hilbert 2012 Will and would in selected New Englishes: General and variety-specific tendenciesMapping Unity and Diversity World-Wide: Corpus-Based Studies of New Englishes, Hundt, Marianne and Ulrike Gut (eds.), pp. 77–102
This paper presents a quantitative and qualitative investigation of the use of the modal verbs will and would in six New Englishes (Fiji, Indian, Singapore, Trinidadian, Jamaican and Bahamian English), with British English considered for comparison; will/would in their future use are also compared… read more | Article
In investigating progressives in Maltese English we use data from a sub-sample of ICE-Malta and parallel British and American texts, as well as questionnaires from these countries. Progressives in written Maltese English, with one exception, broadly follow the British exonormative standard.… read more | Article
The phenomenon of the non-standard use of inversion in both main clause and embedded interrogatives has been mentioned for several varieties of English, as well as for individual second language acquisition (SLA). There have been varying explanations, however: embedded inversion has been attributed… read more | Article
Hilbert, Michaela 2008 Interrogative inversion in non-standard varieties of EnglishLanguage Contact and Contact Languages, Siemund, Peter and Noemi Kintana (eds.), pp. 261–289