Gabriela Chefneux

List of John Benjamins publications for which Gabriela Chefneux plays a role.


Chefneux, Gabriela 2015 Humour at workLanguage and Dialogue 5:3, pp. 381–407
The paper starts from the assumption that organisational culture, a type of behaviour considered acceptable by employees (Hofstede and Hofstede 2004), is not pre-extant but is jointly created during the interactions of the people working together. This paper is part of a longer study that has… read more | Article
Chefneux, Gabriela 2015 Argumentation at workPersuasive Games in Political and Professional Dialogue, Săftoiu, Răzvan, Maria-Ionela Neagu and Stanca Măda (eds.), pp. 143–160
The paper analyses argumentation in two different professional contexts – the former, a joint company, which brings together Romanian and Belgian employees, and the latter, a Romanian company. The paper is structured in three parts – a theoretical presentation of argumentation, defined as a type of… read more | Article
Chefneux, Gabriela 2012 Mitigation at work: Functions and lexical realisationsProfessional Communication across Languages and Cultures, Măda, Stanca and Răzvan Săftoiu (eds.), pp. 169–192
The setting up of multinational companies is a current phenomenon in Romania; such companies bring together Romanian and foreign employers and employees who, irrespective of their mother tongue, use English for professional communication. Consequently a new type of institutional culture has… read more | Article