Natacha Niemants

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Teaching Dialogue Interpreting: Research-based proposals for higher education

Edited by Letizia Cirillo and Natacha Niemants

[Benjamins Translation Library, 138] 2017. xiv, 393 pp.
Subjects Interpreting | Translation Studies


This chapter focuses on the teaching of communication and interaction skills to learners who have already had the chance to acquire the basics of dialogue interpreting (DI) and to practice it through role-playing. It argues that traditional simulated scenarios should be complemented by alternative… read more | Chapter
Niemants, Natacha and Letizia Cirillo 2017 Introduction. Dialogue interpreting: Research, education and professional practiceTeaching Dialogue Interpreting: Research-based proposals for higher education, Cirillo, Letizia and Natacha Niemants (eds.), pp. 1–25
Niemants, Natacha 2013 From role-playing to role-taking: Interpreter role(s) in healthcareInterpreting in a Changing Landscape: Selected papers from Critical Link 6, Schäffner, Christina, Krzysztof Kredens and Yvonne Fowler (eds.), pp. 305–319
Against the background of the current literature on (interpreter-mediated) doctor-patient interactions, and of a study of real interpreting situations recorded in Italy and Belgium, this paper presents an analysis of medical role-plays recorded in one of the major Italian universities training… read more | Article
Niemants, Natacha 2012 The transcription of interpreting dataInterpreting 14:2, pp. 165–191
The growing interest in studies based on samples of authentic interpreting data goes hand in hand with the need to think of adequate methodologies to make such data available for research. During the 1980s, transcription issues posed a series of theoretical questions which may now be worth… read more | Article