Sarah Lee

List of John Benjamins publications for which Sarah Lee plays a role.


Ziegeler, Debra and Sarah Lee 2009 A metonymic analysis of Singaporean and Malaysian English causative constructionsMetonymy and Metaphor in Grammar, Panther, Klaus-Uwe, Linda L. Thornburg and Antonio Barcelona (eds.), pp. 291–322 | Article
Ziegeler, Debra and Sarah Lee 2006 Causativity reduction in Singaporean EnglishEnglish World-Wide 27:3, pp. 265–294 | Article
A common feature of Singaporean English, and found to a lesser extent in British and US English, is the “conventionalised scenario” (Goldberg 1995); i.e. a causative construction in which an intermediate causee is neither expressed nor necessarily recoverable from context and common ground, e.g.… read more