Maria Jodlowiec

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This paper explores the nature of clickbaiting as a form of viral journalism from a relevance-theoretic perspective (Sperber and Wilson 1995; Wilson and Sperber 2012). The focus is on deceptive clickbaits, i.e., manipulative internet headlines whose interpretation, based on the way they are worded,… read more | Article
Jodlowiec, Maria and Agnieszka Piskorska 2020 Chapter 2. Metonymic relations – from determinacy to indeterminacyRelevance Theory, Figuration, and Continuity in Pragmatics, Piskorska, Agnieszka (ed.), pp. 45–65
The chapter offers an account of metonymy and discusses some stylistic effects which may be provided by metonymic expressions. We treat metonymically communicated concepts as part of the inferentially established proposition of an utterance and argue that many such concepts may be indeterminate. We… read more | Chapter